A New Entrepreneur’s Guide To Coworking In Singapore

A group of muliethnic Business people using a digital tablet in the office.

Singapore’s coworking scene is a mix of cool, funky enclaves comprised of freelancers and other independent-minded entrepreneurs with the standard business model, which affords entrepreneurs with valuable workspace at a premium price. On the other end, though, there are more sophisticated coworking spaces that offer concierge customers top-notch amenities along with the standard office space and equipment. For professionals looking for a coworking space in Singapore, many spaces cater to the various needs of the diverse professional population.

More than just being an ultra-cheap way to fund office space, coworking spaces can be a great way to build relationships that can translate into actual business. Whether looking for simple workspace or premium coworking spaces in Singapore, entrepreneurs with a great idea and motivation in need of workspace will have very few problems in a place whose coworking landscape is evolving. From the very classy to the fun and quirky, a space in some of best coworking office is awaiting you.

Let’s take a closer look at what every new entrepreneur should look for in a coworking space.

Space Personality

If you have been to one coworking space, you know that each space, while following a similar platform, is different from one another in character. In Singapore, you can find a variety of spaces that cater to every type of professional and business. Many spaces focus on making the design of the place a priority by providing adequate space to work, network, collaborate and participate in community activities. Others focus on providing professionals with a fun place to interact with others, so ping pong tables and areas designed for hanging out are a big part of the coworking space. Then, for some, amenities that cater to the lifestyle of the busy professional are also a part of the diverse landscape, i.e. gyms, swimming pools, childcare services, and barbecue pits.

Also, when looking for a space in Singapore, you might find spaces devoted personality types. As mentioned earlier, there are spaces for creative people, and then there are those for small businesses. Of course, the tech industry always has a place in this community, which has traditionally been a platform for many tech start-ups.  Singapore’s coworking spaces are teeming with mash-up of spaces offering professionals a wide array of office space needs.

Pay Attention To

Because the coworking space landscape is very diverse, you are likely to encounter spaces offering a variety of services. However, in general, you want to pay attention to a few things when looking for a space. If you just want a place to work, then a functional space that offers you the basic should be sufficient.

Alternatively, those entrepreneurs looking for space to flesh out ideas and space to build relationships might consider spaces that are more than one design designated to meet the various needs of those who make up the space, whether have one designated for workspace, another for collaboration and brainstorming, and then a designated space to interact socially. Another important factor, while seemingly trivial but can spark up the space, is whether the space provides members with snacks and if so, the type of amenity provided. Café-styled eateries within the space are more attractive than those with a snack area.

A Basic Guide To Shared Space

Singapore’s coworking climate is such that as more and more spaces pop up the workspace is soon to become more of the norm for entrepreneurs who want a creative space to work. Unlike traditional office space, entrepreneurs can find a workspace that works for them while also impacting the personality of space themselves through active participation. The ultimate guide to coworking in Singapore ultimately begins with the entrepreneur defining the type of space he/she needs.