Fun things to do in Ontario


Ontario is an adventure playground and has something on offer no matter what you are into. Here’s my guide for fun things to do in Ontario for the sporty people out there.

Go golfing

There is a vast range of golf courses to choose from in the Ontario region, which has become a very popular holiday spot for keen golfers. Whether your trip is a boy’s weekend away, for business or a family holiday, golfing is a great social sport. GTA golf courses offer exceptional golfing at reasonable prices, so don’t forget to add this into your holiday to Ontario.

Go Rockclimbing

The Milton Rattlesnake Conservation area offers many great outdoor rock-climbing spots. Be careful though, rockclimbing isn’t for the fainthearted and it’s important to have a guide for safety purposes.

Go Kayaking and Canoeing

Ontario has one of the largest river canoe networks in the world, making it a hot spot for keen kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. If experienced you can go by yourself or if a complete beginner, there are many guided tours you can chose from. There are so many lakes on offer if you are after a more gentle canoeing/kayaking ride.

Go Diving

Diving is a great sport and one you wouldn’t necessarily pick to be on offer in Canada due to the colder climate. The Georgian Bay Islands National Park or the Fathom Five National Marine Park offers some great diving spots. Just be sure to have the right wetsuit to deal with the colder waters of Canada.


Enjoy some winter sports

If you are visiting in the winter months then there is plenty to do in Ontario. You can go skiing or snowboarding at one of the many ski resorts on offer. Cross country skiing and dog sled racing is also very popular in the region too. Or if you really want an adventure kick then there is the option for mountaineering and ice climbing in this winter playground.

Go hiking

Get back in touch with nature and explore some of the many beautiful hiking trails this region has to offer. From vast forests to beautiful lakes you will be spoilt with luscious scenery along the entire trail. Some of the most popular trails are Killarney Park, Algonquin National Park, Frontenac National Park, Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail, and the Bruce Trail. Depending on your time limit, will be dependent on which one you can do.