The best holiday ideas and tours for food lovers


When it comes to travelling, each and everyone of us has different needs and tastes. Between people that
find relax in the pure adventure and the ones that only wish to be surrounded by every kind of comfort
they can imagine, there are others, many of them to be honest, whose only desire is to discover the
countries they are visiting and their culture under any point of view.

This means giving a certain importance to their food tradition. There are many people that are very
passionate about food, to the point of organizing their travels mainly to find out what’s new compared to
their habits once they sit around the table. From typical examples to astonishing innovations, many
countries offer a wonderful culinary background that food lovers need to discover. In the next paragraphs
we present you an overview of some of the best holiday ideas and tours for people who love to open their horizons to different food cultures than theirs.


When it comes to Italian food, everyone agrees that the culinary culture is one of the best in the world.
Their way of cooking pasta, the amazing desserts and typical dishes like pizza are second to no one, making Italy an elite country foodwise. If your plan is to visit Italy to discover its culinary culture, our suggestion is to call on expert travel agencies which can suggest you high quality food and wine tours of Italy that will satisfy you for sure. Of course, Italy is not just food, and because of this an expert agency is the key to enjoy the most beautiful views, monuments and attractions while tasting some of the country’s iconic food.


Argentina is the land of meat, as many people already know. Steaks and barbecue represent the main
proposal by the country’s food background. In particular, the Uco Valley offers also a wonderful wine
tasting experience, while the simplicity of Argentina cooking comes out as truly more than charming.
Between sauces, amazing meat cuts and family barbecues, this beautiful country located in South America
will make every food lover fall in love.


For many people, Japanese food represents an experience way above just taste. In Japan, you can taste
precious examples of traditions, with foods like ramen, a steaming bowl of noodle soup, perfect for rainy
days, but also innovative dishes that are the result of a careful study of the ingredients which makes every
dish much more than just the sum of its parts. Furthermore, you can’t think of exploring Japan and its
culinary culture without tasting the best sushi you can find. This multifaceted food panorama makes cities
like Tokyo stand out among the best ones for food quality and variety of offers.


Coming back to Europe, our top couldn’t be complete without mentioning Spain, which hosts some of the best restaurants in the world. There, you will be able to taste a variety of seafood, the typical paella, the extraordinary Serrano variety of ham and much more!