Learn how to build a website for your business


    Today’s entrepreneurs’ business plan is quite different than it would have been twenty years ago. Much of their business is conducted on the Internet. If entrepreneurs want to reach their audience and develop a relationship with them, they will use the Internet. If they want to share new offers and deals, they will use the Internet. If they want to start a giveaway for their fans, they will use the Internet. They will build a website and accumulate followers over the generations. And, of course, many of their customers will use the internet themselves, and may even have compared things like fiber internet vs cable in order to find themselves the very best internet in their area to keep them connected at all times. Although many are discovering that the Internet can be a heavy sword, it is resource that one needs to know how to wield. It can be difficult to build a website. But with a little familiarization, the entrepreneur can successfully wield this powerful resource.


    1 – Choose a platform

    Anybody can build and develop a website these days. One needs only the drive to put in a little effort, the fortitude to do a bit of research and the platform that aligns with your needs. Platforms such as WordPress make it very easy to develop your website and craft it precisely how you would like it to be. With just the purchase of your domain name (which is not more than a few dollars) you will have access to great hosting, features and plugins that yield the website that you want.

    2 – Put important information in the header

    When people come to your website, they should know what your company does immediately. Your header is on every page. Your company’s name as well as a line of information about what you do is necessary. When people come to your page, they should know what you do without having to spend time browsing through your website. If the information is not instantly accessible, it will repel many people. Create a company name and a slogan that makes your contribution to your industry obvious and stamp it onto the header.

    3 – Professionalism

    Your slogan, logo, header, template, and everything about your website needs to be attractive. Many entrepreneurs find that hiring somebody to make these things for them would be a worthy business investment. If people come to your website and find that it is sloppy and appears to be cobble together, they will have a negative impression of your company. Take the time that it takes to develop your website before officially launching.


    4 – Don’t forget the mobile site

    With smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are used to browse the Internet fairly often. Some people even use high-end tablets as their primary mobile device. Savvy website owners have optimized the mobile experience on their website. People will become frustrated with a website that they cannot interact with very well and will have a bad impression of you. If they know that every time they go to your website, they are going to struggle with everything, then they are not going to want to come back to it. But if you have a mobile friendly website that is easy to use, you will maintain your traffic and fans.

    5 – Make it easy to read

    Sometimes website owners will choose a font color that does not have sufficient contrast with the background. Readers will get a headache when they struggle to read the words on your page. Choose something simple, such as black on white.

    6 – Do not worry about graphics

    While they may be intriguing and you may think that they would be an interesting complement to your website, most people find them distracting and not appealing at all. Some of the worst website designs are heavily draped in graphics and they really pull the user away from the content of your website. Focus on efficiency and professionalism rather then on decorations. Just think of Google. It started with no decorations, no graphics, just a simple bar into which users could type their query. Today, it is the most visited website on the Internet.


    7 – Let them know when the sale is completed

    If you are selling products or services on your website, let the buyer know when the sale has been completed. If you went to a website and make a purchase only to be redirected back to the homepage, you might be a little confused. You would be left wondering if the purchase actually went through. After a purchase is completed, the buyer should be redirected to a page that says “Thank you for your purchase. Here is a copy of your receipt.”

    8 – Link all of your social networking profiles

    You should have several of them. Perhaps you should consider stamping your Twitter feed onto the sidebar so that people will see what you have to say and want to follow you. Social media is how you will keep in constant contact with your audience. It is how you will develop an ongoing relationship with them. You will constantly pop up in their lives and they will always think about you. You will be ingrained in their mind. Then when they need something that is offered by your company, they will remember you.

    9 – Testimonials

    People are constantly connected with one another. If a restaurant has poor service, this will be a negative mark on their record for years to come if the customer writes a review. If a mechanic displays integrity, he will garner a good reputation. Before going to a company, people ask, “What have others said about this company?” and the answers are not difficult to find. Create a catalog of the positive reviews and link to it on your site.

    If you want to build a website, you should know that it will require a bit of work and a bit of networking. But when you employ these tips, you will quickly discover that it is the most powerful resource available to an entrepreneur.