5 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money While Traveling the World


The sooner humans realize that life is short and we should try to enjoy every moment the better our lives will be. I’m not talking about being happy all the time – this is unnatural and unhealthy. But wanting to wake up in the morning and go to work is a good start. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who dread and hate workdays.

Nowadays, working remotely starts prevailing in the business world and it becomes easier for people to find a job that they enjoy and to lead a life they like.

If your dream is to travel more, you can do it now. Below you will find five jobs that enable employees to travel while also being productive.

  1. Travel Blogger

When traveling abroad we usually take a lot of photos and videos in order to remember our trip. Travel bloggers compile all the media files from their vacation and they share the best of them with the world. They write about the best spots they visited and the overall impression from the place they explored on their blog. They might even edit and share photos and videos on their social media. If they obtain hundreds or even thousands of fans, who keep up with their travel adventures, they earn money mostly by advertising companies to their followers.

  1. Journalist

Similar to a travel blogger, a travel journalist can travel the world and compose an article or a video documenting the whole experience in order to share it with the world. The difference between the two jobs is that bloggers work for themselves while journalists are working for a company. This means that the journalist has less creative freedom but they don’t have to worry about getting funds for the trip.

Besides travel, journalists are often sent abroad in order to cover important political and social issues that are happening to other countries.

  1. Teacher

It is easy for foreign language teachers and professors to apply for a teaching position abroad for six months, a year, or even for longer. Not only do they become better educators as they challenge themselves by teaching a much different audience than the one they were used to in their country but also they get to meet locals and adapt to their lifestyle.

  1. Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker may have a main office in one place, but they are happy to travel wherever they are needed. The motivation they offer may be about personal or business progress and success depending on the specialization of each speaker. They share their philosophy of life, their experiences, and their tips and tricks in order to inspire and help people deal with their problems and become better versions of themselves. A motivational speaker may be asked to speak at schools, businesses, and individuals all around the world.

  1. Actors

Actors may need to travel abroad because the director wants to shoot scenes in natural settings. This is a great opportunity for actors as they get to see a new place and meet new people while also performing their dream job. The only issue is that they should be clear about the terms and conditions of the job before they sign anything. Finding a job at a trusted site like the voice-over agency Voquent, where actors get offers for voice-over and narration jobs and they know exactly what each job involves before making a decision is crucial in order to be comfortable and safe at all times while in a foreign country.