The Relationships of the Future


The Coronavirus has managed to completely change the way people see things. All routines and tasks have been forced to change and adapt, even the smallest details. But above all, in what has to do with relationships.

It used to be simple and easy. People could meet anyone whenever they wanted. They could show appreciation and affection by giving hugs and kisses. Big meals with family or friends, going to discos, gyms, or just the nearest bar. 

Even letting off steam and enjoying the sweet and tempting company of a beautiful escort girl in Hull. In short, live those moments of leisure and fun that allow them to forget all the stress, anxiety and avoid the routine.

But then all changed! At first, it seemed like a new flu and so little by little over time, its importance increased. It has become a global pandemic affecting life as everyone knows it at all levels. Social distance, confinements, use of masks and gloves… Many measures have been taken by different countries to try to reduce the impact on their society and economy. 

A standstill that has been dragging on for years now. Practically forcing people to live with themselves and with those who are in the same house. With schedules to go for a walk or even go out to clap on the balcony as the only “social” moments. Not even going to work for many and seeing colleagues. 

All this hiatus has made what used to be “normal” go missing. Be able to see the loved ones, hug them and show them all the affection. Families, friends and even couples separated and estranged by obligation. United with uncertainty and fear of contagion by continually watching the news.

Social networks and new technologies have had to adapt to the dramatic increase in the number of publications, video calls, and chat in recent months. People need to be in touch even through a screen. Even in the adult sector. Many sexy escorts in Mackay have been offering telematic services, for example.

Now that it seems that the end, the complete freedom and the new normality so mentioned is near, hopes grow. The possibility of seeing all those people from so long ago, without a screen in between… brings an inevitable smile to everyone’s face just imagining it. 

There is a desire to run to them and give a strong and eternal hug, but it is important to take a deep breath and calm down. People should try to control these desires because the danger has not yet passed.

There are a thousand ways to show affection but nowadays, it is important to be responsible. Follow the sanitary recommendations of a social distance of two meters and use the mask. The greeting, touching elbows, is the new way of hugging. Still people can rejoice because now they can turn off the screen to be able to see in 3D all those special people. 

Pajamas will return to stay on the bed, back to the real world with some limits that will gradually disappear. Being able to enjoy the company of family, friends and partners again, but with some conditions.

To be able to speak, to look directly into each other’s eyes… Small gestures that are now the desire. To see each other and to be close to the most beloved.

But the danger of contagion still exists and it is important to remember it. People must continue to take care of themselves and others. But now without much concern in thinking about all the things that should be done at home and that have not yet been done.

Be able to see that friend, partner or family member on their birthday, to buy them a beer or give them disinfectant gel. Details that are now even more special. Although it is not yet possible to unite many people and stay indoors for a long time, it is likely to be done soon.

Any small action now makes more illusion and brings more joy. Be aware of what to do and when. Even create a strategy to be able to see all the desired people, always complying with health recommendations to avoid a possible future bounce back and take steps back. 

Above all, the most important thing is to be able to enjoy the company of more people, to be able to breathe fresh air and to be 100% at the moment that one is living.

This time phones will no longer be so important. During those moments people will send less messages. The conversation will be face-to-face and interacting, which is more interesting. Appreciating and valuing the smallest things and even the smallest wrinkle when any friend smiles.

Everything that used to be taken for granted or downplayed due to the pace of life, work and routine is now in the background, and it is curious to think that it is what is most missed during these days of confinement and estrangement. 

But how many things can people do at two meters of distance? The question many are asking. One of the good things about those months is the creativity that society has shown, as clearly represented by the new forms of pleasure taken advantage of by the hot Delhi escorts advertising in Skokka.

So it’s time to show it once again, well equipped with gloves, mask and disinfectant gel. Continue this de-escalation, little by little, recovering freedoms, taking care of themselves and those they love the most so as not to infect them unintentionally. 

It is important to be aware that before running, it is necessary to walk and before it rains, it pours. So step by step, it is possible to achieve that longed-for new normality where people can all go out to enjoy and give hugs, but in the meantime, bump elbows and transmit affection and desire through glances and words at a distance of two meters. A distance that will get smaller and smaller, because together, united, it is clear that everything will be fine.