Best Places to Snowboard in Colorado


If you love snowboarding, then chances are you’ve either been to Colorado to snowboard, or you’ve at least dreamed of it. Colorado is considered one of the world’s best ski destinations, due to the great dumping of powder each year and the variety of resorts for a variety of levels. If you’re planning a trip to Colorado this winter, or just dreaming of it, here are the best places to snowboard in Colorado. 

1. Breckenridge
This is probably the most popular resort in Colorado and considered one of the best in all of the USA. One of the best things about Breckenridge is all the activities you can do, so if there are a few family members who aren’t that keen on skiing or snowboarding, then they’ll have plenty to do while you hit the slopes. The field tends to open around mid-November, right through to the beginning of May, giving you plenty of time to visit this wonderful resort. There are a whopping 187 trails across 5 peaks, meaning you’ll find some of the best slopes in Colorado here. I find it a lot more economical to buy my gear than to rent it, especially if you’re planning more than a handful of days a year at the slopes. You can check out some great mens snowboards here, to get your gear set up. 

2. Vail
This may be one of the most famous ski resorts around the world, and for good reason. The town of Vail is extremely charming and very pedestrian-friendly, so visiting the town is half the fun. This is more of a luxury experience with a lot of upmarket hotels and restaurants scattered across the town – you’ll even find that some of the sidewalks are heated – a real treat in the colder months. The slopes offer a lot here, and there’s plenty of variety to suit the whole family. 

3. Winter Park
This is my top choice for families, and its close location to Denver makes it an easy place to visit, especially with younger kids. There’s also a great ski school here, which is perfect if you’d like to drop the kids off for a while so you can get a few good runs in. This is also one of the more affordable ski resorts in Colorado, which can be nice if you’re traveling with quite a few people to keep the costs more affordable. If your kids aren’t interested in skiing or snowboarding, there are a ton of other snow-related activities such as snowmobiling and ice bumper cars – yes they’re as fun as they sound! 

The truth is there are so many good resorts in Colorado, it would be hard to fit them all in an article. But these are my top three, and hopefully, they give you some inspiration for your next snowboarding trip to Colorado.