Tips for relaxing after long haul flights


Long haul flights can really take its toll on the body and it can take days to feel normal again. You arrive at your holiday destination sleep deprived, dehydrated, and suffering from severe jet lag. This is no way to start a holiday. So to ensure you bounce back on your feet in no time use these techniques to get some relaxation in and recover from your long journey.

Visit a spa

Having a spa treatment can get you into deep relaxation post flight. A nice long Massage can relieve from aches and pains from being cramped up for hours on end, while a nice facial and body treatment will help restore all the moisture you lost during the flight. Anything you pick will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed in no time. There are plenty of spas in Toronto but please do your research to find an excellent, high quality spa wherever you have landed. 

Take a hot bath

A hot bath can melt away all aches and pains. If you can find them, then add in some Epsom salts too. Epsom salts help with allowing the muscles to relax as well as draw out any toxins stored in the body. This is great to do just before you need to sleep, so you are in a total state of relaxation before hitting the sack.

Get a good night sleep

To get the best out of recovering from a long flight you need to get a good sleep. This can be hard sometimes when you have crossed time zones and your body clock is all out of whack. Using a sleep mask to drown out light, ear plugs for sounds and a natural sleep remedy can help with giving you a good nights rest. I’ll generally use melatonin or valerian root, which you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy.

Hydrate your body internally and externally

Taking a long haul flight is so dehydrating on the body internally and externally. In order to relax when you arrive and recover properly it’s so important to get yourself hydrated. I like to travel with hydrating salts and not only do I take these during the flight but also after. Flying also dries out your skin, so get moisturising. I use a nice coconut oil when I arrive at my destination and give myself an all over body massage. This is not only hydrating for the skin but also deeply relaxing for the body. It’s also something nice to do, just before you jump in that hot bath, and before bed.