How to Create A Great Travel Blog


Initiating a travel blog is quite an easy task that any ambitious person, with goals set in mind, can easily achieve. Travel blogging is a good niche that enables bloggers to earn timely wages from their great blog posts. Travel blogging is a great opportunity for bloggers capable of writing great and interesting blog posts, post eye-catching photos, videos and other informing content for their readers. With hard work and determination, a starter travel blogger can join the rankings of the top most popular travel bloggers in the world. Below are some of the steps to follow in building a great travel blog.
1. Select a name that is comprehensive and all-inclusive

The name you select for your travel blog should not limit your progress. It should be a good name, which is accommodative to all your developments in strengthening your travel blog.

What to consider when selecting a name;

• Minimize the number of words used in your domain name

The chosen blog name should be short and easy to read. Factors to consider in the selection of the name to use include the topics you will be writing about, your personal goals and ambitions, things you are passionate about, and your target readers. It is also advisable to consult friends to get their suggestions on a good name to use.

• The name should be created without the inclusion of Hyphens and Numbers

This makes it easier to verbally same the name of your travel blog. The use of hyphens could make it difficult for you to market your travel blog verbally.

• Choose a unique name for your travel blog

Select an original name that is not being used by other business entities. Trademarked names of companies and organizations should not be an option for your travel blog.

• Have long-term goals
The long term goals and ambitions you have should be regulated in your domain name. This helps prevent the hustles involved in trying to change the name later.

2. Getting a hosting provider for your Blog

Quite many hosting providers exist that can provide hosting for your travel blog. When choosing a good host for your blog, consider the quality and the cost of their services.

3. Installing WordPress

It is recommended for you to set up a self-hosted WordPress account. Through this, your WordPress account will be hosted on the hosting company’s servers. Instead of the normal website appearance, “”, your website will be “”. You can have data of your own and also sell advertisements on your website. Installation of plugins and custom themes is also enabled. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform that you will have to use to create your blogs.

4. Select a very professional theme

The WordPress blog consists of customized themes for your travel blog site. Professional themes are a mandatory for you to be able to create blogs of high quality and make money from it. The custom themes work to improve the impression of your travel blog, and they are also available at affordable prices.

5. The addition of Plugins

Plugins provide additional crucial features for your website. Plugins are free although some may be acquired at a cost. The download option for new Plugins is provided in the plug-in section on the WordPress website.

6. Acknowledge the importance of social media

Social media provides you with greater chances to build your travel blog into greater heights. For easy identification by your readers, you should maintain have similarities on all your social media accounts to avoid creating possible confusion among your followers. The social media accounts you could use in marketing your travel blog include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

7. Be part of the Travel Blog Success

Join the team of the Travel Blog who have achieved success and massive experience and learn important tips from them. Invest both finances and time in the learning of how to become a great travel blogger. Attend seminars presided over by the professional bloggers and also read articles written by them. A lot is to be learned from these professionals including how to build your audience, how to maximize gains from social media, how to work with brands and the implementation of the SEO among many other lessons provided by the professional travel bloggers.

8. Time to create a blog of your own

After you have gone through all the requirements necessary in the creating of a great travel blog, it is time now to bring out content for your travel blog. If you are traveling, include in the content;
• Localities you find fun in visiting.
• Exciting and interesting activities being carried out in these localities.
• Share your fun stories with your readers.
• Share exciting photos you took while on the trip to your favorite place.
• Post videos of your tour.
• Food recommendations to your readers.
• Share the different criteria you use to save money for your travels.
• Mention new activities you would wish to try on your next travel.
• You could also include your best travel books and movies in your content.

As a beginner in the travel blogging field, you should read blogs from other travel bloggers and try to leave a comment.

Building an audience is an involving task that could take some time before it peaks up. At the initial stages, the only audience you will have will be family and friends who are okay for a start. You should not expect any gains in the first year of your blogging as this is the period you are establishing yourself. The first year of your travel blogging will see you incurring a lot of costs in trying to make things run smoothly.

Tip to being a successful travel blogger

It is important to be patient even if nobody is giving a response on your travel blog posts. Readers have a lot of options online to read. It is upon you to create a blog that is of high quality and informative content to be able to attract an audience. If you follow guidelines that have been provided here, you will be able to attract people to be reading your articles and make comments about them.