Get Ready for a Life Changing Experience in Chile


Chile is on the bucket list of many avid travelers, due to the country’s history, diverse and beautiful landscapes, and interesting climates. In fact, Chile also has one of the weirdest shapes, and is only 180km wide, while also 4300km long.

If you like the idea of seeing plenty of climate zones, Chile is the place to go. Those who like to soak up warm weather will be impressed by the sandy beaches, hot springs and even the volcanoes, while those who enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind the cold will be drawn to the rainforest, grasslands, mountains, glaciers and ice.

But where should you visit? Chile has many destinations on the so-called “tourist trail” and you’ll find the locals warm and welcoming, the food delicious and the drinks cold.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Chile if you’re looking for a life changing experience:


Easter Island

I don’t know many travellers who don’t want to head to Easter Island at least once in their lifetime and it represents the pinnacle for many people who like to get off the beaten path. There are few places more isolated than Easter Island, and the locals have their roots in both Polynesia and Micronesia. Hire some bikes to travel around the island or spend some time hiking and exploring the scenery. If you’re looking for flights you should check out LAN Airlines as these guys are the only ones who fly into the island.


Few people visit Chile without spending at least a few days in Santiago. This shows the  more “Western” side of Chile, with swanky bars, large parks, colonial buildings, shopping boulevards, skyscrapers, excellent restaurants and art museums. This destination is also popular with expats due to being a hub and having an excellent transport system.



Foodies and those who love wine will love Colchagua Valley, as it is one of the largest producers and exporters of wine on earth. Explore the wineries in the region and spend some time wandering speaking with the local workers to find out more about the history and culture.

The Atacama Desert

If you’re a photographer you should definitely visit the Atacama Desert. This is the driest (and highest) desert in the world, and boasts unique formations of rocks and interesting places such as Death Valley, Dinosaur Valley and Moon Valley.



Patagonia is located on the border between Chile and Argentina and is popular with hikers who are drawn to the Torres del Paine national park. If you’re hoping to spend a few days or weeks getting lost amongst nature, Patagonia is the place to go.


This charming town is close to the Lake District and you’ll be able to wander the countryside, spotting wooden chapels and churches from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This place is part of a sunken mountain range, and as one of the lesser-visited places in Chile, you’re more likely to have conversations with locals than bump into other tourists.