Three Reasons that Cruises are the Perfect Way to Beat the Winter Blues


January can be a depressing time. The excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, the weather is dismal, and the rain seems to fall relentlessly. With short days and seemingly unending nights to top off the gloomy winter months, the sunshine and blue skies of summer can seem an impossibly long way away.

It never hits harder than it does for those with a sense of wanderlust and a love of the outdoors. Dank and dreary weather has a habit of trapping you inside, and between the hours spent at work in your office, and the evenings stuck indoors, it can really start to get you down.

That’s why winter is the perfect time to book a cruise. With a thousand more exciting places that you could be, here are three reasons to help convince you that escaping the office and the rigours of adult life could be just what you need…


#1: You Need Some Sunshine in Your Life

It’s a proven fact that a lack of sunlight can be bad for your health, and with your supply of vitamin D severely limited during the winter months, feeling some sunshine on your skin could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Not only can being cooped up indoors affect your physical wellbeing, but it can also impact your mood. With SAD increasingly prevalent amongst European and American populations, taking a cruise could be just what you require to lift your mood and give your body a post-Christmas boost.


#2: It Will Give You Something to Look Forward To

In the lull after Christmas and New Year, people often feel like they have little to be excited about, and one of the best ways to remedy this is by giving yourself a treat to help you stay motivated. An exotic cruise is just the ticket, and should enable you to remain focused and working hard during the dark winter days, knowing that you have something to save for and look forwards to. What’s more, the knowledge that you won’t be able to hide away behind baggy winter jumpers provides some much-needed incentive to stay in shape during the festive period and its aftermath.


#3: It’s the Perfect Way to Start Your Year in Style

If you need one more reason to convince you, then be assured that a cruise will help you to start your year in style. It’s easy to feel like you’re not going anywhere when a new year looms on the horizon, but to stop yourself being dragged into a typical January lull, book a holiday early on that will feed your intellect and help to refine your cultural leanings. Although cocktails and sunbathing remain a requisite for all cruise goers, choose an itinerary catered towards the intelligent and sophisticated to help you get your new beginning off to a bang. Companies like Planet Cruise have an option to suit everyone, so you’ve no excuse not to.

Start your year the right way and make some memories that will last a lifetime.