Winter Sports To Stick Your Teeth Into


Winter is a brilliant time of year. Whether you enjoy spending time outside building snowmen or embarking on a skiing holiday, many people choose to make the most of the snow and general winter period. Winter sports are becoming a lot more popular in the modern era and there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of professional sportsmen and women who enjoy activities in the winter. If you enjoy watching sport or want to get involved, you can. Here are the best winter sports to get involved in.


Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is an incredibly popular game and although its main origins will forever lie in the National Hockey League, there are now major divisions and competitions across the world. On the other side of the Atlantic, ice hockey is growing as a force and Britain now has its very own competitive major ice hockey league. While the teams aren’t quite as talented as those in the NHL, it’s still fantastic to see the Canadian sport growing all over the world.

There are plenty of franchises that are in with a chance of winning the Stanley Cup this season, including the Chicago Blackhawks – who have lifted hockey’s showpiece competition three times in the last six years. They are at the time of writing 13/1 with bet365 to win the Stanley Cup once again and, on current form, it would be hard to argue against Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks achieving their ultimate goal and defending the title.



At G’Day World, we love our snowboarding and would encourage each and every one of you to give the sport a go at some point in your lives. There is no better feeling than taking on Mother Nature with your board and balance and there are a plethora of centres that now offer snowboarding lessons all over the world, especially in Canada and snowy areas.

While we appreciate it isn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea, you never know until you try it and the chances are you will enjoy the buzz and thrill of snowboarding. If you’re not necessarily the athletic type, you can still get involved by watching snowboarding competitions and contests on your television or in the flesh. They are incredibly exciting and there is always plenty of action throughout!



If you’d prefer a more laid-back, relaxed game, then curling may be the sport for you. If you’ve ever seen the Winter Olympic Games, you’ll know exactly what curling is but essentially, it’s very similar to crown green bowling. You have to get your stones as close to the centre ring as possible, the more stones you have closer to the centre, the more points you pick up during that end.

The game originated in Scotland but Canadians and Americans have adopted the game as their own in recent years and both nations are amongst the best in the world at this strategy-based game. In fact, Canada are one of the top-ranked curling teams in the world and you too could become a curling aficionado if you give the sport a go.