Starting Life as a Digital Nomad


The world has changed in the last decade or so, and a lot of that change can be attributed to technology and the Internet. Growing connectivity all over the globe has led to the rise of Instagrammers and travel bloggers, who have become ambassadors for a new kind of lifestyle. This is what Investopedia calls ‘digital nomadism’ a type of lifestyle that is location-independent and requires the use of technology and the Internet. Digital nomads can work anywhere and everywhere — in coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and even at the beach. This type of lifestyle allows for gains in productivity while providing flexibility and only requires a stable Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone, which makes it ideal for travelers and bloggers. If you’re thinking about planning a long tour around the world but weren’t sure about how to earn money while doing it, then digital nomadism is your answer. Here are a few tips on how to get started on a location-independent lifestyle.

Polish Your Basic Skills

Becoming a digital nomad is rewarding, but it does require a bit of legwork to get started. In order to keep from wasting time, you need to first develop your greatest asset— yourself. Opportunities might not come knocking at your door at first, so making sure that you maximize your skills and increase your hireability is key. Aviation JobNet has put together a list of skills that will help increase your chances of getting a job, including improving your communication skills, critical thinking skills, and a positive attitude. By developing all of these and more, you can convey that you have a solid skill set and are very employable.

Network, Network, Network

While the job search can be difficult in any type of field, looking for work as a digital nomad stands out because you’ll be largely independent. You probably won’t have a company or agent representing you, so a key part of the lifestyle is learning how to network. Building connections not only with companies but also with other digital nomads like yourself will open you up to more opportunities, as well as help you learn useful tips and tricks. Traveling Lifestyle has compiled a list of digital nomad events and conferences for 2020 which can serve as a good jumping-off point for you to start building your network. These events will allow you to meet with other digital nomads and learn from their experiences, and are great opportunities for you to ask questions about the lifestyle if you have any.

Have a Testing Period

Becoming a digital nomad requires a huge lifestyle shift, and that shift may require some amount of preparation. Working independently requires discipline and creativity, and if you come from a job with a lot of structure, you may find yourself floundering for the first few weeks. Before you head off on your grand adventure, try to test out remote working for yourself first. Build a system and a schedule that will allow you to maximize productivity while remaining flexible and open to new experiences. Luckily, according to Entrepreneur, the majority of industries seem to be trending towards remote work, so an opportunity to try out the lifestyle might come sooner rather than later.