The Importance of Tire Maintenance before a Trip


A tire plays a vital role in the safety of your vehicles. It gives you the ability to stay intact on the road, turn safely, and transport from one place to another. However, if you have been driven it for a very long time, it may start to worn out. As a result, you may be putting yourself as well as your passenger at high risk. Here are a few tips you need to consider on your tires before planning a trip.

Schedule a Tire Inspection Every Month

Expert advice that providing a monthly inspection for your tire is necessary. We need to keep in mind that each tire is supporting a quarter of the weight of the vehicles. So it is prone to wear and tear. You can troubleshoot most of the tire by merely looking at them. You can tell immediately if they are overinflated, underinflated, or misalignment.

  •       Overinflated tires: If your tires are experiencing too much pressure, the middle section will wear down faster compared to the sides or edge of the tires.
  •       Under-inflated tires: If your tire doesn’t have enough air pressure, it is very prone to accident. In addition to this, under-inflated tires will run your vehicle inefficiently, therefore, cost more fuel consumption.
  •       Misaligned tires: If your vehicle tire is not aligned with each other, the one side of each tire will wear faster compared to others.

Checking the Tire Tread

A tire needs to have a tread for better traction and control on the road. The function of the tread is to prevent the water from slipping your car around. When inspecting your footsteps, you need to consider the depth of it. One of the easiest ways to determine the tread is by the use of a coin.

  •       The Quarter Coin Technique: Put the quarter coin, head first, inside the depth of the tread in your car. If you can see all the head of George Washington, your tire tread is already worn out. Replace it immediately.

Adjusting the Air

Applying the right amount of tire pressure is essential for us to maximize the efficiency of the performance of your tires. To meet the proper tire pressure, you will need:

  •       A tire gauge to measure the amount of pressure.
  •       Check the recommended pressure measurement located on the tire itself.
  •       If adding an air pressure, make sure to check the pressure every second to prevent over inflation.
  •       After checking all the tires, make sure to include your spare tire as well.

Wheel Alignment

If you feel your car is pulling from one side or the other side, it’s time for you to check your wheel alignment. The expert recommends you to perform a wheel alignment every 12,000 miles. Call a professional mechanic to do this task.

Doing this simple maintenance task on your tires will provide you an extra mileage for your car. It also keeps you safe and can save you money. On the other hand, if you need a professional consultation about tires, you may check GT Automotive-Tire Sales. They will provide you the latest trend about tires that will surely benefit you in the future.