Why your next trip should be to Southeast Asia


Known for its adventure, culture, history, and scenery, Southeast Asia continues to draw visitors from around the world. Not only is it an amazing place to travel, but it’s comparatively inexpensive, making it popular for travellers of all ages.

Experience a tour of Cambodia or lie on a beach in Thailand. Go diving in the Philippines or explore the pagodas in Myanmar. However you like to travel, Southeast Asia has something for everyone.

Here are a few reasons why your next trip should be to Southeast Asia:


The Food

Southeast Asian food is delicious, and it could easily be the number one reason why so many people love visiting the region. From the street food in Bangkok to the curries in Malaysia, each country has something new and delicious to offer. There are few places in the world where you can find cuisine as flavorful, colorful, vibrant, and diverse.

The beaches

You’ll find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. And beach season is perpetual here, with summer all year round. Love scuba diving or snorkeling? Head to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, or the Philippines. Or just grab a book and relax in a hammock while your friends and family members are shoveling snow at home.

The cities

Southeast Asia has some of the most exciting, crazy, and fast-moving cities in the world. From Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, (and who could forget Bangkok?) You’ll be astounded by the unique mix of both new and old Asia. Ancient temples are located around the corner from futuristic skyscrapers, and you can walk out of a modern mall and enjoy a delicious meal on the side of the street. This dichotomy is what makes Southeast Asian cities so intriguing and special.

The History

Southeast Asia as home to some of the world’s oldest civilisations. If you do one thing here, make sure you go to Angkor Wat. You can spend days simply wandering through these temples. Of course, the pagodas in Bagan are also incredible, and if you’re willing to splurge, a hot air balloon ride at sunrise is one of the best ways to see them.

Of course, not all of the history here is pleasant. It’s well worth visiting some of the museums and memorials in the area to learn about the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War, and the bombing of Laos.

If you’re looking for a destination that’s easy to travel, exciting, memorable, and has plenty to offer, be sure to head to Southeast Asia as soon as you can.