How to have a luxury holiday on a budget


We all like to have a little luxury in our lives while travelling. If you’re hoping to have a luxury holiday without breaking the bank, this is completely possible. Here are some ways you can increase the luxury in your life on your next vacation:

Book in advance

If you’re more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants traveller, it’s time to become a planner. That’s because booking well in advance can save you some serious money. Airlines release airfares around 11 months in advance, but you should also keep an eye out for deals on hotels and airfare. Some hotel sites offer free nights when you stay for a minimum of 10 nights, while others offer discounts on rooms. Sign up to a bunch of travel newsletters to see some of the best deals.

Avoid peak season

School holidays run from July to August in Europe, not to mention you’ll also be dealing with higher hotel rates and more expensive flights. Since everyone wants to travel during the best weather, you’ll also find crowds everywhere you go, long lines, and increased prices.

Instead, look for great deals in shoulder season, when you’ll find cooler weather, fewer crowds, and much better prices.


Book a cruise

If you’re serious about introducing some more luxury to your life, book an ultimate luxury cruise holiday. Cruising is almost entirely all-inclusive, and there are some incredible luxury cruising companies that will make you feel like a king (or queen) while you’re travelling. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself with numerous activities and amenities on board, while travelling to a new and exciting destination.

Choose the right destinations

A five-star experience in Asia or Central America will be much cheaper than the same experience in Europe or North America. If you’re hoping to get the most for your travel dollars, pick destinations where those dollars go further, and you’ll also get to upgrade your experience.

Find luxury hotel openings

Knowing you’re about to check into a luxury hotel will help you get through even the longest and most uncomfortable flight. If you research where the latest luxury hotels are due to open, you’ll be able to snag some of the most amazing hotels at a much cheaper price point than those that have been there for awhile.

Avoid packages

Most people assume that a package holiday will save them money, but often, booking your hotel and flights separate will actually save you money. That’s because the providers of those packages aren’t putting them together out of the goodness of their hearts- they’ve added some padding on top. It’s a simple matter to coordinate your flights with your hotel checkin, so do your research yourself to save money.