Top reasons to book a cruise holiday this year


Sick of dealing with long lines at the airport and early morning flights? Want to travel but hate the idea of constantly moving between cities, checking in and out of different hotels and packing and unpacking your bags?

If you want to see the world without the stress, it may be time to book a cruise holiday. Here’s why:

Keep your wallet in your pocket

Cruising is pretty close to a completely all-inclusive holiday. That’s because when you pay for your cruise, you’re paying for accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment. You can even choose to prepay your gratuities, drinks packages, and excursions.

This means that when you’re on your cruise, you don’t need to worry about going over budget. You’ll avoid opening your wallet and can instead simply focus on enjoying yourself.


Make some friends

If you’re on a cruise with people from around the world, you’re guaranteed a social experience. You’re likely to make a bunch of new friends as you meet them while eating dinner, lounging by the pool, or enjoying an excursion.

Children get to make friends with kids their age in the kids’ club. If you’re single you may just meet Ms or Mr right, while couples can find like-minded friends to connect with. Meeting people is a large part of what travel is all about, and cruising is great for this.

Enjoy everything you need

There’s a reason why cruise ships are often called “floating cities.” You’ll find everything you could need on board, from satellite TV, cell service, to Wifi. Most of the time, you’ll also find laundry facilities, medical centres, room service, movie screens, restaurants, gyms, spas, and more.

Safe travels

If you’re new to travelling or you find certain destinations daunting, cruising can be an awesome solution. You’ll be able to discover plenty of exotic destinations, but the cruise line can also organise trips with English speaking guides. You’ll feel safe and enjoy peace of mind with many travellers all checking out the same city.

Choose your size

Cruise ships come in a variety of sizes, depending on whether you’re looking for a mega ship or a more intimate experience. You can choose a liner that will offer you plenty of entertainment or one that has fewer people and a more upscale atmosphere. Whatever your budget and preferences, you’ll find a ship for you.