5 Reasons to Take a Walking Holiday This Summer


Are you in charge of choosing this year’s family holiday? Or maybe you just want to choose a family holiday that will have a little more personality than your typical run-of-the-mill holiday? Well don’t fear, there are more options out there. Why not consider a walking holiday this summer. There are tons of reasons why this may be the perfect type of holiday for you and your family, but here are some of my favourite reasons that a walking holiday is a wonderful family holiday: it works for all ages and abilities, so long as there are no strong physical challenges, a walking holiday is a great choice for most abilities and ages. They’re a slower pace, meaning that you can enjoy the nature and scenery around you, having plenty of opportunities to snap photos and soak in the natural beauty. It’s a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and have a digital detox, allowing you the chance to unwind from the chaos of daily life.

1. Perfect for All Ages and Almost All Abilities
One of the biggest challenges when planning a trip for a family can be finding something that caters to all family members and all ages. If you have a family that’s spread out over generations and different age groups, you may struggle a bit to find activities and trips that everyone will not only enjoy but find engaging and entertaining. Walking holidays are the perfect option because, from about a year old, almost everyone can walk meaning that the whole family can participate in a walking holiday. For younger family members that may need to rest a little more often, you can consider taking them on a walking holiday by investing in a hiking pack  that has a child or toddler carrier, to ensure they’re comfortable at all times. Elder family members that want to participate in a walking holiday may need to take a cane or walking support to help them navigate some of the more challenging terrains, but chances are they’ll really enjoy this family-friendly holiday idea.

2. Slow, Relaxing Pace Allowing You to Soak it All in 
Is there anything worse than going on a holiday that’s got such a fast pace that you literally have no time for photos and your entire trip seems to be spent on a bus, being taken between location, barely given a few minutes to snap a few pictures before being taken to the next destination. Enjoying a walking holiday means you’ll have plenty of time to soak in all the gorgeous scenery, hundreds of wonderful photo opportunities, chances to take beautiful photos of the scenery around you and of course tons of lovely locations for selfies. The relaxing pace ensures that you get a chance to really enjoy all the nature. The walking holiday trails are perfectly designed to maximize the terrain to get the best views and to make the most of the nature around you.

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3. Perfect for De-Stressing and Digital Detox
There’s no doubt that modern life is stressful, these days we juggle so many different tasks and responsibilities every single day: there are our responsibilities from work, our family responsibilities as well as whatever responsibilities we have with our friends and social commitments. It can be extremely hard to find the time to juggle everything, especially if you’re someone who finds themselves working late at the office or has a young family to spend time with. Taking a few days, or even a few weeks, break from the computer and Internet is a wonderful way to de-stress. You may be surprised to find how much social media can negatively impact your life, from causing unnecessary stress to making you compare yourself to others. Taking a break from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat is a great way to allow you to focus a little more on your close personal relationships, family members and even your own relationship with yourself.

It can be interesting to observe how many times a day you naturally go to reach for your phone and find yourself tempted to mindlessly swipe. Once you get rid of the phone, whether it’s by simply turning your phone to Airplane mode, or deleting the apps from your phone, you’ll have to fill all that time you wasted with something else. Whether it’s spending the hours a day you would otherwise mindlessly scroll reading a book, chatting with your family members, or enjoying the view of a beautiful sunset on your walking holiday, almost everyone says the same thing when they give up social media for a few days: I can’t believe how much extra time I have. While this may feel true for you, the truth is you will be surprised to find how much time you waste scrolling through your social channels without even realizing it.

4. Opportunity to Really Catch Up With Loved Ones
As we get older and move across the country, or even to another country, it becomes harder and hard to spend time with our loved ones. This makes the holiday periods such as Christmas and birthdays, when everyone gets back together again, even more precious. Why not organize a special walking tour holiday this summer in order to get everyone together again to create some special family memories together. Being surrounded by nature, without a lot of technology and outside stimulation is the perfect setting in order to have some special conversations and to really catch up with your loved ones. Even if you chat frequently on Skype, there’s nothing quite like being together, going on an adventure together and creating some new memories. The evening time is also the perfect foundation to create some memories, you’ll be nicely sunned from the day of walking and exploring, so why not bring a deck of cards so you can play some card games together or even a board game or two. This is a really fun way to bond and interacts together while enjoying each others’ company.

5. Increase Your Fitness While Traveling
The great thing about walking holidays is there’s something for all abilities and you can choose a walking tour that suits your fitness levels. You can also reach out to the company to discuss having one made that suits your group and their ability. But if you’re anything like me, then you enjoy being active when you’re travelling in order to balance out all the delicious food you’re eating. You can choose a walking holiday that’s going to slightly challenge you, in order to increase your fitness while enjoying some incredible scenery – what a wonderful holiday idea.


If you’re looking for a holiday adventure that the entire family will talk about for years to come, then look no further, walking holidays are the perfect family holiday adventure.