Honda or Harley: Which Cruiser Is Right for You?


Few things are better than hitting the open road on a cruiser. While there is no such thing as a bad motorcycle, some bikes are better for individual riders than others. If you are in the market for a new cruiser, you may have narrowed your choice to two manufacturers, Harley Davidson and Honda. To determine which cruiser is right for you, think about your riding goals.


American-Made Cruisers

For years, patriotic Americans preferred to ride Harley cruisers since Harley Davidson is an iconic American brand. Honda, of course, hails from Japan, far from the shores of the United States. Nowadays, however, the American-made argument carries less weight. In fact, both Harley Davidson and Honda assemble most of their cruisers inside the United States. If shopping from a manufacturer that creates American jobs is important to you, you can’t lose when purchasing either a Honda or a Harley.

Comfortable Ride

Cruisers are some of the most versatile bikes on the road. Not only do they deliver exceptional performance, they offer a comfortable ride. Since both Honda and Harley offer bikes of equal sizes with like engines, you get a similar ride on either cruiser.


OEM Parts and Aftermarket Accessories

As a serious rider, you don’t want to invest in a bike that is not easy to repair or upgrade. Because both Harley and Honda have a huge catalog of OEM-grade parts, you can easily replace damaged components on either bike. For the best selection of affordable parts, order Harley or Honda bike parts from a huge online seller, such as

Whether you decide to purchase a Honda or a Harley, you really can’t go wrong. Since both manufactures feature iconic, innovative cruisers, whichever bike you choose is likely to be the right one for you. After you get your new cruiser, check out the extensive inventory of motorcycle riding gear at to be sure you are ready to tackle the open road.