5 Reasons to Consider a Sailing Holiday


Are you trying to figure out where to go this year? It can be tricky figuring out a holiday that will work for the whole family, keep everyone entertained and basically just tick everyone’s boxes. If you’re not sure where to start, why not consider a sailing holiday? Not only will you get to explore some of the world’s most beautiful locations, but you will have plenty of time with your family and friends aboard a beautiful sailing boat to create special memories together. Because a sailing holiday does involve a lot of teamwork, it’s an excellent way to bond with your loved ones, while still getting a much-needed vacation. There are also a number of packages you can choose from, so if you have a short holiday of only a few days, right through to something of a week or longer, there’s a sailing holiday that will suit your needs. Are you dreaming of your own sailing holiday? Why not check out this great resource for more information: http://www.sailingholidays.com and here are my top 5 reasons to consider a sailing holiday for this year!


1. Fun, Active Holiday
While there will be plenty of opportunities to lounge around and catch some sun while on a sailing holiday, sailing holidays are a little more active than a traditional holiday. You’ll be able to help operate the boat, you can stop off at a ton of cool spots around the Greek Islands, do numerous day walks and just pack in a lot of fun activities. You can also incorporate water sports activities into your holiday such as snorkeling, fishing, even paddle boarding which is one of my new favorite sports. The great thing about a sailing trip is that you can choose the activity level to suit your fitness levels and the ages of your family members. For example, if your traveling with some people in their 60s, it might be quite a different trip than if everyone is in their 30s. Likewise, if you’re traveling with young children or with people who have health issues, then you can obviously choose to adjust your trip to suit your abilities. This is another reason why a personalized sailing trip is a wonderful family holiday.

2. Learn a New Skill
Whether you’re new to sailing, or very experienced, mixing in a vacation with practicing a skill is a wonderful way to have fun while getting a break from a normal routine. Perhaps you’re a really experienced sailor and want to share that skill with your children or friends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or extremely experienced, there’s a sailing trip to suit your ability. If you have a love for the water and are wanting to share that passion with your family, it is my suggestion to start while they’re young: enroll your children in swimming classes, ensure that they’re well educated around the water and get them confident in sailing so that you can share the passion for the water together as a family. A family sailing trip is a wonderful way to ignite that passion and maybe even get your child or young family members interested in a new hobby!


3. Visit Incredible Destinations
By traveling on a sailing boat you can easily visit smaller islands, many of which will be much quieter and peaceful than the busier islands in Greece. This is great for a number of reasons: firstly you will be able to relax a little more, secondly, your photos won’t be filled with swarms of people and thirdly you will feel like you have discovered your own paradise. There’s nothing quite like looking out ahead into the ocean and seeing nothing but blue skies and the stunning jade colored ocean ahead of you. While I personally would head to the Greek Islands, just because I love Greek food, culture and think the islands there are some of the best in the world, there are actually many options for you to choose from!

4. Take Amazing Photos
There’s nothing more special than family vacation photos and you will be able to take some pretty special ones on your sailing trip. You can take a bunch on the boat itself, with the stunning ocean as a beautiful backdrop, or you can use the day trip destinations as fun photoshoot locations for the pictures. Because you’ll be sleeping together and spending so much time together, there will be plenty of time to grab heaps of shots. These days smartphones do take incredible photos, but why not make the trip really special and grab a Polaroid camera? That way you can print out the photos as you go and give them to people as a gift, a special way to remember the trip. It seems so funny to say, but as so few people print out photos these days they become a special gift!

I also suggest bringing any other special cameras you have along with you. If you have or know anyone that has, a GoPro then consider bringing it along especially if you want to do any water sports. They’re just the best option for being active in the water and you won’t have to worry about it if it gets wet or damaged. Likewise, I think a drone would be the perfect way to film a sailing trip! Imagine all the cool ariel shots you could get?

5. Have a Vacation that Feels Like a Vacation
I’ve been on holidays where I’ve been so busy rushing from destination to destination, that it doesn’t feel like a holiday. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. That’s why I really think that a sailing holiday is a wonderful option. You’ll have plenty of downtime in the evening where you can chill with your friends and family, maybe play some board games, some card games, talk, even have a few cold ones. You’ll visit some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, eat excellent sea food and spend your days hunting out stunning destinations all while enjoying a slower pace of life. Because you wont be forced to check in and out every day, you wont be unpacking and repacking every minute, allowing you to really settle in and enjoy the perks of a sailing holiday.

No matter where you choose to go, the most important thing is who you go with. Planning a family holiday is one of life’s greatest joys and I know if you choose a sailing holiday it will set the foundation for some of the best family holiday memories you could ever wish for! Have you been on a family sailing holiday before? Let me know in the comments below?