How is Hong Kong attracting millennial travelers?


Hong Kong is truly a destination like no other. While the city attracts travelers of all ages, millennials love its rare combination of western influence, traditional culture, tasty cuisine, easy transportation, safety and family-friendliness, and much more besides. Curious? Then read on to learn more about why Hong Kong is a hot spot for millennials.


Western influences infused with a wealth of Chinese culture creates a unique atmosphere that is irresistible to millennial travelers. Because Hong Kong was part of the British Empire until 1997, the city offers a refreshing blend of the familiar and foreign. From modern skyscrapers to traditional rooflines, Hong Kong is a feast for the eyes, perfect for self-taught millennial photographers.


Hong Kong’s cuisine offers a delicious variety of food, from roasted goose to rich and flavorsome curry. Dim sum is one of the most popular local delicacies and a must-try for travelers. These steamed buns come filled with either meat or vegetables and are sometimes shaped like adorable characters that millennial food-lovers simply can’t resist.


Getting around

Another reason why western millennials love Hong Kong is that most people speak fluent English and all government signs are in English. This makes getting around even easier, especially with the Mass Transit Railway which is also clean and safe.


Because it is a relatively secure city in comparison to other destinations, most millennials enjoy the relaxed, easy-going atmosphere of Hong Kong without fearing for their safety. Even though it’s a bustling city, you can stay safe by following common-sense safety rules. If you have young children always hold their hand so they don’t get lost in a crowd, keep valuables out of reach for pickpockets, and be aware of your surroundings like you would in any major city.


When you travel to Hong Kong, you will see the diverse mix of residents from around the world. In fact, some millennials love the city so much that they decide to bring their family along and move there.

These young families are finding that an international upbringing in Hong Kong provides diversity to any child’s education and opens the door to future career prospects. For expat kids there are American international schools in Hong Kong which provide specialized programs that will set your child on the path to a university education after graduation. Obviously, this is attractive to parents want to give their child an advantage in today’s global economy.

Affordability and jobs

Western culture continues to flourish and influence Hong Kong as the city’s affordability and job opportunities attract expats to relocate here. When comparing pay rates with most western cities and considering the exchange rate, Hong Kong really offers great value.

Thanks to its east-meets-west culture, its strong economy, and wealth of job openings in finance, trade, and English teaching, to name a few, the number of opportunities for millennial expats in the city is exceptional.

Finding balance

A little-known secret to balancing the bustling city atmosphere of Hong Kong with peaceful relaxation is by visiting one of the islands near Hong Kong. You only need to travel for about half an hour by ferry to leave the city center behind and discover a bit of quiet, peaceful green space.

Without a doubt, Hong Kong is a modern and diverse city with the promise of unbelievably cool experiences. As you can see, the city attracts millennial travelers from all over the world because of its unique culture, delicious food, excellent mass transit, its safety and family-friendly atmosphere, and the affordability and excitement it offers for expats.