Where to go in the Dominican Republic


This small Caribbean island packs a whole lot of culture and has numerous great locations for you to explore. If you’ve never been before, it can be a bit challenging narrowing down where you’ll go in the Dominican Republic, as everywhere seems irresistible. That’s why we’ve made this handy little guide to help you select where will suit you and your family best. Before you go on a holiday to Dominican Republic, check out these top places to see.

Be mindful of the hurricane season, which tends to run from August and September. Rainy season runs from May to October. The weather is fairly constant in the Dominican Republic, with temperatures usually hovering around 28 to 31 degrees celsius year-round.


Dreaming of white sand, blue water as clear as crystals? Well, look no further than this beautiful beach area. Dotted with some of the best restaurants on the island, boasting a range of international fare, Bavaro is perfect for those who want to be soaked in glorious sunshine.

Cayo Paraiso:
This little island makes for a perfect day trip, where you’ll indulge in a real piece of paradise. It is a fun way to see a little more of the Dominican Republic and you can enjoy snorkelling in the glass-like waters surrounding paradise island. The coral reef is filled with a variety of beautiful marine life, making for a very special experience.

Santo Domingo:
This is the capital of the Dominican Republic and is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most populous cities in the Caribbean. This city has a lot to offer: some of the best shopping in the world, gorgeous beaches, and even a club housed in an underground cave. There’s a lot of charm here and a lot of history too: there are medieval palaces and fortresses. Spend a few days enjoying the sights, sounds and culture of this bustling Caribbean city.


This small fishing town boasts a lot of great things to do, from exploring the beautiful coral reefs to enjoying the national park. In the park you’ll find striking lagoons, numerous exotic birdlife and breathtaking views. The beaches here, as with the rest of this gorgeous island, are worth a visit and are never too far away.

If you’re dreaming of a slice of paradise fused with a vibrant Latin culture, then the Dominican Republic would be a perfect destination for you. With summery weather all year round and numerous attractions to keep you entertained, it is a great holiday destination.


Photos: PietroPosackiIan D. Keating and Joe deSousa used under Creative Commons License