Top Benefits of Airport Parking


In the past, airport parking has been so expensive it’s generally been cheaper to taxi to the airport, or struggle onto public transport, lugging bags and suitcases with you. The Internet has changed a lot and in many ways made things to do with travel so much easier: you can book your own low cost flights and hotels online, stay in touch while you’re overseas without breaking the bank and easily research where to go and what to do. The Internet has also affected airport parking, as you can now book airport parking online and save money. Choosing airport parking with Airparks in advance is a great way to save money, and ensure there’s a space for you when you arrive. But there’s more benefits than just that, including:


1) You’ll be able to travel to and from the airport more comfortably:

Whether you’re looking for parking at Luton Airport or many of the other airports across the UK, pre ordering parking means that you can show up in the delegating parking area and you’ll only have to travel a short distance to the airport with your bags. If you’re traveling as a family or with a lot of luggage, this can really reduce the stress associated with getting to and from the airport.

2) Get to the Airport at any hour:

Sometimes your flight is actually before the public transport services run, meaning that your only options are to drive, be given a ride or pay the outrageous costs of a taxi fare to the airport. If you need to be at the airport by 5am, often it’s not worth the hassle of asking a friend or family member to wake up at 3am to drive you. By driving yourself and preordering airport parking, you can get to the airport regardless of what crazy hour your flight is at.


3) Booking in Advance is way cheaper:

Everything in airports tends to be more expensive, from the food in the airport right through to the parking rates. If you’re nipping away for a weekend, preplanning and paying for your parking significantly reduces the cost, when compared to just showing up at the airport and paying in cash.

4) You’ll Definitely Get a Park:

Could you imagine anything worse than running a bit late for your flight, driving there, and taking too long to find a park so that you wind up missing your flight? That sounds like a nightmare to me. Pre-booking your airport parking will ensure that there’s a spot for you, so that you don’t have to worry about those hassles. Peace of mind is worth a lot, especially when you’ve spent so much on your flights already.

There are so many benefits to airport parking, it’s important to think carefully about what option will suit you most when you’re next traveling to the airport. Look online at the prices for airport parking and you’ll find they are a lot more competitive than they used to be.


Photos: Holidayextras and Josh Hallett used under Creative Commons License