Family Holidays – Holiday Villages for Kids


Traveling as a family can be a little stressful – it can be hard finding a balance between keeping the kids entertained and ensuring that the adults feel like they’ve had a holiday too. Depending on your kids age, they’ll be able to have differing levels of freedom. Say for example, you’re traveling with some teenagers then you can let them go and do their own stuff, but toddlers or small kids will be a lot more dependant. As such, you really need to take your children’s ages into consideration when you are planning where you’ll go, where you’ll stay and what activities you can all do together.

First Choice offer numerous great holiday villages for kids that let them have fun while you relax and have some much needed adult time. Here’s more information about what holiday villages offer and the benefits of staying in them, so you can get some inspiration for your next holiday:


There are Lots of Outdoor Activities:

Most kids love to be outside, exploring. Whether it’s swimming in a pool, building sand castles on the beach or going for a bike ride, the outdoors is where they can be wild and free. First Choice understand that keeping your kids happy will keep you happy, so they’ve gone a step extra and host circus workshops and treasure hunts.

Aerial Adventure:

If your kids are over six, then this might be their favourite place you go on your holiday. It’s an assault course with lots of fun and challenges, keeping your kids well entertained. They can climb, swoop and swing their way around the course.

Splash Parks and Pools:

Water slides, flumes, pools, loungers… there’s everything your kids would want, and you would want from a holiday park. Even if you’re staying at a beach location, it’s still nice to be able to swim in fresh water in a controlled environment. Pools are also great for the little ones, as you can help them become more comfortable with swimming all while enjoying some serious sunshine.


Evening Entertainment:

There are few things more fun than taking your children to a show and watching them be entertained by live performers. This is something most of us rarely do at home, so taking some extra time to do in while on holiday really makes for a fun experience. There are different shows each night so you should find something that suits your kids tastes while you’re away.

Staying at holiday villages for kids is a great way to keep your children entertained so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday too. With oodles of entertainment jam packed into your holiday village, you can rest assured knowing that you wont be stuck with moaning kids who are bored. If your kids are having fun, you’ll have a bit more breathing space to enjoy your holiday too.


Photos: Maria Luisa PedrosaAndrew Bowden and David Sanabria used under Creative Commons License