Top Beaches in Turkey


Turkey is well known for it’s beautiful mosques, wonderful food, sweet treats and shisha, but there’s so much more to this diverse country. Often people will head to Istanbul, maybe pencil in a trip to Cappadocia and then they’ll be on their merry way to another country. This is a huge mistake, Turkey has so many wonderful beaches to offer. Browse through this list of great beaches to get your next inspiration for your Beach Holidays:

Butterfly Valley

This beach is below two towering cliffs that are almost in the shape of butterfly wings, hence the name. This is a sheltered beach, which makes for a perfect place to spend a day sunbathing or enjoying some activities. Most often people reach butterfly valley by way of boat, from either Olu Deniz or Fethiye but if you’re a little more brave there is a steep path that leads all the way down. Expect to spend about 40 mins walking down and an hour or so on the walk back up, depending on your fitness levels. This is a lovely beach that rarely gets too crowded.



This beach, sweeping 3km in length, is protected thanks to the sweet loggerhead turtles that come ashore here to lay eggs. If you are interested in seeing sea turtles in their natural environment, then this is the perfect beach for you. Cirali also boasts golden sand, bright blue water and a hot summer, to ensure you can make the most of your beach holiday.


This simple, small beach is down a large amount of winding stairs, which means that it has managed to avoid the majority of amenities that usually go hand in hand with a popular beach. This is both a pro and a con: be prepared by bringing enough water and snacks to keep yourself well fed and hydrated.

Beach holidays don’t have to be just sand and surf, there are lots of fun activities you can do at the beach, from sailing to waterskiing, there’s a lot of fun sports on offer. This will depend a lot on your fitness ability, prior experience, time and budget. Why not try something completely new, whether something a bit more common such as mountain biking or something a little more extreme, such as open water paddle boarding? While relaxing is a great way to spend some of your holiday, getting outside, exploring and trying something new makes for a very memorable holiday.

We’ve included this handy infograph of common beachclub activities for some inspiration for your next beach trip:


Photos: David Bacon and Natalie Sayin used under Creative Commons License