Top things to do in Tenerife


Being one of the largest of the Canary islands, Tenerife offers its visitors of choice of a fun vacations, filled with exciting adventures, water sports, activities and dancing, or a quiet family time in one of the beach hotels with most of the time spent under the sun, sipping on a cocktail. There are various areas of the island, which offer different kinds of vacations and that you can choose from, with Playa Las Americas being the most popular resort area, and others, like Puerto de la Cruz, that are perfect for those who enjoy marvelling at the fantastic nature around them. Whatever your preferences are, if you’re hanging out for a holiday why not Flythomascook  and enjoy some of the top things to do in Tenerife.


The biggest attraction in Tenerife is without a doubt, the Teide volcano, which has been dormant ever since its last eruption in 1798, and visitors are allowed to climb on top of it, at the height of more than 3,500m. It boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of the island peaks, the turquoise sea and the bright blue sky above. The whole experience is quite thrilling!

The nightlife in Tenerife, especially in the more popular areas, such as Playa De Las Americas and Las Veronicas, is quite eventful – there are numerous bars, discos, clubs, shows and live performances that you can enjoy. Some of the best clubs on the island are Liquid Club, El Faro, Papagayo Beach Club and Monkey Bar. Dance the night away to funky beats till the sunrise – that’s what we call living!

A large part of Tenerife’s coastline is filled with cliffs, but there are also beautiful beaches, most of them have sand brought in from abroad, or blown over from Africa, but others have the magnificent black sand of volcanic origin. These are mostly located in the North, where you can go by renting a car or booking a day-tour.

Another fun thing to do in Tenerife is to rent a small yacht and go on a ride along the coastline – you can see dolphins, turtlesand even tiny wales, swim in the ocean, explore the underworld while snorkelling, go crazy on jet-skis and take beautiful photos of the island from the sea.


When in Tenerife, you simply must try the traditional cuisine, at some of the best seafood restaurants in the Canary Islands, you will be surprised by the choice of fresh fish, delicious prawns, succulent oysters, lobsters, calamari, octopus and more! Try the famous mountain potatoes that are boiled with the skin on and served with 2 different sauces.

Another fun thing to do is to see the wildlife at the various parks that exist in Tenerife. You can visit the Loro Park, watch the shows with dolphins or sea lions and admire the marine life in the huge aquarium, or drive to the Las Aguilas del Teide, the zoo and a botanical garden, which is home to interesting tropical, desert and mountain species. Whether you are traveling with a child, or your partner, or with friends, it is also fun to visit the Cactus Park, outside of Arona, the brand new Siam Park and the Aqualand Amusement Park.

Being the island of eternal spring, Tenerife attracts millions of visitors annually, throughout the year. It not only has amazing weather, but great opportunities for a relaxing quiet holiday, a fun vacation under the sun and one filled with wonderful adventures of exploring the beauty of the nature around us.