Beat Boredom Online


    The Internet is an amazing tool and has redefined the way we work and communicate. It is also a giant playground, and there are endless opportunities for fun and excitement lurking behind the mountain of boring work emails. So the next time you find yourself bored and lacking enthusiasm, don’t waste time on Facebook, do something new.

    Here are a few fun things to check out online:

    1.     Read Some Secrets

    Ever feel like your life is dull and grey? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking “poor me”, my life is hard? Take a time out and check out postsecret.

    Dirty fantasies, secret ambitions and sneaky tricks are all presented anonymously here along with pictures. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure, great for a laugh and makes you feel like you’re not so weird after all.


    2.     Make a Bet

    Make life a little interesting over at Williamhill horse racing bets online, a site that lets you put some cash down on a variety of different sports. Cricket, rugby, horse racing and many other sports can all be bet on here. Nothing makes a game exciting like having a little money down, just as long as you can afford it if you lose. Responsibility is key here kiddies.

    3.     Take an IQ Test

    Everyone likes tests, well not everyone, but I do. If you have a spare 10 or so minutes why not take an IQ test and see how your brain is ticking along. If you get a decent result you could even put it up on the fridge for all to see. Quick Tip: Take the test multiple times and score a genius result for dramatic effect.


    4.     Learn Origami

    Many sites offer step-by-step tutorials that can help you turn a boring piece of paper into an artistic masterpiece
    Learn some!

    5.     Learn Body Language
    Become a master of the unsaid and learn the art of body language. Mostly all of our communication is non verbal. Learn how to decode these signals and you have unlocked the secret to the universe.

    These are only 5 options in the limitless pile of boredom busters out there online.

    What do you like to do when you get bored?