Differences between RapidSSL and Geotrust


The function of an SSL certificate is to validate that the company, website, or business is who they claim to be. It is to ensure the customer is actually conducting business with that entity versus a fraudulent website trying to get their hands on a customer’s money, account information, or personal information.

Although most customers who shop online only speculate on the padlock icon on the right side of their address bar, there are other features that do in fact advertise that the site is the official website. Items like the address bar turning green once on the site and an ‘S’ added to the ‘http’ in the address itself are proof of the site’s secure status.


The differences between RapidSSL and Geotrust lie in the specifications of business conducted by the business or organisation. If the website proves to be a low volume website, then the RapidSSL is great. Those who do a high volume of business will be more likely to go with Geotrust. However, RapidSSL can cover professional grade security for a lower fee. RapidSSL is approximately 70 AUD, whereas Geotrust is approximately 250 AUD. There is quite a gap in the prices.

The reason some higher volume businesses go through Geotrust is that the name is more well-known than RapidSSL, therefore providing extra authentication on their end. The level of security is not different; it is just the name. Most shoppers are unaware of the name of the certificate provider, but they will be aware of the padlock icon and if their browser has a pop-up warning about trust and security levels.


Both are compatible with all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and other widely known browsers. These browsers will display the fact that your website is highly secure and trusted. This means you have gone through the authenticity process, and you are not a fraud. It will build the trust of your clientele and ultimately grow your numbers in loyal consumers and sales.

Overall, RapidSSLgeotrust are the same grades in security, but there is a major price difference between the certification fees. If you want to obtain the same amount of security for less, use RapidSSL.