Five Cool Activities for Holidaymakers in Jamaica


Despite the fun and excitement that the city life has to offer to each of us, there are days when it can become too much of a burden and we yearn for days that are relaxed, peaceful, and quiet. On such occasions, the best thing to do is to pause for a while, find your own slice of paradise, and recuperate. And what could be a better place to do this than in Jamaica, an incredible tropical island country famous not just for its beaches and reggae, but for its overall fun and laid back aura!

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So we like laid back but it definitely does not mean boring, here are 5 awesome activities you can do on your Jamaica holidays.

Visit Bob Marley’s Museum

An influential artist as well as a peace and freedom advocate, Bob Marley is credited to be the person who introduced reggae, an original Jamaican music, to the Western world. And now, 33 years after Marley’s death, his former house and recording studio has been converted as a landmark museum. This place is definitely a must-see.

Ride a bobsled

It doesn’t get any more fun than this! And to re-enact ‘Cool Running’ is something that everyone secretly wants to do! Imagine climbing up 700-foot up the Mystic Mountains and having a full breathtaking view of the entire Ocho Rios’ curb… only to plummet 300 feet down, full speed ahead along 3,280 feet of tracks that end just below the mountainside. This is Jamaica’s own take to the classic rollercoaster – the bobsled!


Get fat and eat all the food!

Jamaica is one place in the world where you don’t have to be picky on food just because everything – and we mean everything – is just so good. So my advice is to simply try everything from the rich tapestry of Jamaican cuisine. This includes the jerk chicken to the Spanish escovitch, English-inspired Tastee patty, vegetarian Rastafarian ital, and even the curry meals brought over by Indians. Remember, in Jamaica, even eating is an exciting adventure!

Explore the Haunted Rose Hall

If you’re up for some paranormal thrill, visit the Rose Hall, located in Montego Bay. Legend has it that it was inhabited by a young woman named Annie Palmer who murdered her husband along with some male plantation workers before finally being killed by another servant. It’s said that her ghost, often called the White Witch of Rose Hall, can still be seen wandering around the estate at night or appearing in pictures taken by visitors. Sounds creepy? Definitely!!!

Take the rum tour in the Appleton Estate

For over 500 years, the Jamaican rum is consistently placed as one of the best in the world. The most famous Jamaican rum, however, are the ones coming from the Appleton Estate. Take a guided tour of this estate and sneak a peek on how they brew their rums from start to finish. For alcohol enthusiasts, this place is heaven.