Best Places in Europe to See on a River Cruise


There is a very good reason why people recognise Strauss’ The Blue Danube even if they are not classical music fans: this waltz really talks about the mellow pace of the Old World, about its beauty, about its grandeur and even about its history if you listen to it very carefully.

There is really no other better way to travel through Europe than on a river cruise. Whichever of the grand rivers you will choose, they will lead your steps towards places that are magnificent, beautiful and always memorable. Which are the best places for enjoyable river cruises in Europe? Read on and find out more.



At the very heart of Europe both geographically and historically, Germany remains one of the strongest and most important states in Europe (and in the European Union as well). Beyond politics and economy though, Germany is a country full of splendour and grace and visiting it will leave you impressed forever. A river cruise on the Rhine River can lead your steps from the border with France through Luxembourg, through Western Germany and into cities that are hundreds and hundreds of years old. The slow pace of the waters, the coziness of the German towns combined with the magnificence of their architecture will blend together perfectly for a holiday you are will remember for the rest of your life.


Volga is the largest river in Europe and its flow can lead you through one of the most interesting and captivating countries on the European continent: Russia. Extremely large and diverse, this country can amaze anyone with the beautiful Russian architecture and art. The cuisine, the customs and the uniqueness of this country will surely satisfy your taste for knowing more about cultures that are different from those in the Western part of Europe.



Very close to Germany and as important as it, France also had a very strong say in the history of Europe itself. With a culture that is rich and stunning, with a cuisine that is refined and incredibly delicious and with arts that cannot be beaten anywhere in the world, France is still a great destination for anyone in love with loving, with food, with arts or simply with the melodic sounds of the French language. A cruise on the Seine River will bear you through many places (Paris included in most of the offers out there) and it will show you France beyond the great city as well. You can stop at the memorial house of Claude Monet, you can travel to see D-Day sites in Normandy or you can simply enjoy the gorgeous view and relax your eyes upon the languorous movements of the landscape around you.

Every country in Europe is a great place to visit no matter what tastes you may have. Most certainly, you can find a river cruise in every single country on the continent and it will lead your travels to new, exciting and beautiful places at the pace of the rivers and nature themselves.