Top Places to See in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic boasts the largest number of castles per country in the world, but this is not the only reason to visit this country. From the quant little town of Telc, to the romantic Ceske Krumlov, the Czech Republic has a lot to offer the tourist. Filled with history, quirky museums, wonderful spa towns, hearty cuisines and interesting light shows, this is a country very much worth visiting. Here are our top places to see in the Czech Republic:

Small, cute and sweet this little town is perfect for a day trip. In winter, it looks like something right out of a fairy-tale with the gingerbread like houses and lovely town square. Although there’s not too much to do here, it’s one of those places that is wonderful to be just be in. The castle is worth exploring and there’s a great informative tour that’s worth taking if you’re curious of the extensive history here.


Oh, no trip to the Czech Republic would be complete without a visit to Prague. You’re spoiled for choice in terms of entertainment here. There’s a great black light show that’s very entertaining, I really enjoyed it and would go again in a heartbeat. There’s of course the hugely popular Charles Bridge, but beware during the day it will be smothered in flocks of tourists, so if you can get up early and wander along it in peace and quiet. There’s the old town which is beautiful any time of year, but it really comes alive during the Christmas season.

Often thought of as the younger sister to Prague that doesn’t get as much attention, Brno is definitely worth a visit. Head straight to the historic centre and enjoy how much of this city’s history has been preserved. Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul is worth visiting, the architecture is outstanding and the gothic design is quite haunting. One of the benefits of visiting Brno is it’s quite a lot more laid back than Prague and the people are generally quite excited to see other tourists exploring their town.


Ceske Krumlov:
It looks like something out of a postcard and is often missed out by the average traveler to the Czech Republic. The castle is unmissable, it is absolutely enchanting. Although it’s a little bit of effort, the Synagogue of Cesky Krumlov is worth a visit. The grounds are beautiful and it’s well-restored. Over a hundred years old, this Synagogue packs a lot of history. The town itself is worthy of a few days wandering around, exploring little alley ways and side streets. This charming town might make it very hard for you to leave.


Photos: Vince Smithizarbeltza and Nigel’s Europe & beyond used under Creative Commons License

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