Top Tips for an Australian Road Trip


Traveling Australia by car is one of the best ways to see this expansive country. While public transport will serve you well, nothing comperes to being able to stop where you please and being able to travel at your own speed. It also allows you to easily customise your trip to suit you and your family. We understand it can be quite daunting preparing for a road trip, so we’ve made a list of top tips to keep your trip running smoothly:

1) Choose Your Car Company Wisely

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a car hire company that are not customer focused. Sometimes things go wrong when you’re traveling by car, such as a flat battery, blown tire or even a bit of a bang. You want to find a car hire company that’s going to make sure your holiday feels like a holiday, even if something goes wrong. Self drive Australian holidays is becoming extremely popular because it allows you to enjoy the aspect of driving yourself around Australia while everything else is taken care of: the car hire, there’s no extra fees for how many kilometres you drive, your route is planned for you and even your hotels are taken care of. You’ll be surprised as to what great value these trips can be.


2) Keep Fuel Coupons

Many supermarkets and shops offer discount coupons for petrol price. Many people ignore these, but when you’re traveling 100’s of kilometres a day, the small discounts can add up quickly. Some petrol stations across Australia offer in-store discounts for purchases – you might buy a drink for $4 and save 10 cents a litre on your fuel. Do the math and see if this is going to result in an overall saving, you might be surprised.

3) Pack Light

It can be tempting to pack a little heavier now that you’ll know you will have a car to cart all of your stuff around. But unfortunately, the car wont be able to carry all of your stuff into your hotel room, or around the airport with you. Bring enough to be comfortable, but try not to pack excessively. Slimming down your packing can lead to a much more comfortable trip!


4) Keep Properly Hydrated

Parts of Australia can get really hot – for example, at the moment Australia’s highest temp is 48 degrees, couple that with some car windows that like to magnify the sunlight and heat, and you’ve got a recipe for a disaster if you don’t keep properly hydrated. Thankfully, most cars in Australia come with air-con, but this hydration warning extends to when you’re out exploring and inside the car. Drink lots of water. Bonus tip – Australia has great quality tap water almost everywhere, so take some large bottles and just fill them up!

A road trip across Australia can be a great adventure. If you want all the fun of a road trip without all the hassle of planning and stress of car hire, Australian Self Drive Touring might be the perfect solution for you. Whatever you choose, be sun smart, keep yourself hydrated and don’t forget to pack a camera!


Photos: JuntosWorldwideAmy Cooper and Thijs Raatsie used under Creative Commons License