Fishing Holidays


Carp and course fishing is a really popular pastime with more and more people seeing the benefit in spending some quiet time with mother nature simply contemplating the views and wildlife that makes the water it’s home.  And what better way to develop your hobby than by making a holiday of it rather than just having a stolen early morning hour or two on the weekends?

With this recent rise in popularity, fishing holidays are springing up worldwide and at all levels from beginners right through to experienced anglers looking for a challenge.


Where to go

Your holiday destination will be dictated by a number of things including finances, the views of other family members/friends on the trip, reason for going and also what you want to get out of it. Perhaps you have only ever fished in a river and you fancy tackling a lake? Maybe you have heard that fishing holidays in France are spectacular value or that UK breaks offer stunning scenery that you might also like to sketch?

There are no right answers here, only what suits you.

Different Holiday Types

From roughing it in bring your own tents to lording it up in five star manors with private fishing lakes, there are different types of fishing holidays to suit everyone’s pocket and everyone’s needs. Some holidays are inclusive and focus on luxury and relaxation providing additional services to aid in this goal for total bliss such as spa centres and even mud baths. Other centres are really kitted out to cater for families with outdoor pools and slides, large canvas tents and communal BBQ areas all set up and ready to go in addition to your fishing quota.

Pick something that will keep everyone happy and you will be left in peace to fish to your heart’s content, so it is worth putting in the effort during the planning stages.


What to Take

Most centres will have tackle that you can hire for the duration of your stay that is in decent enough nick. However if you’re a keen angler with your own rods and tackle that you are wanting to master than it is a better idea to bring these along with you along with any spare parts and additional bits that you might need during the break. It is likely that there will not be specialist shops on site so take advantage before you leave with stores like The Fishing Hut.

Take a selection of clothes that will suit all weather types no matter what the forecast as you can get quite chilly fishing and nothing is more mood killing than waiting for fish and getting steadily soggier if the heavens open.