Relaxing Days Out in the UK


If you’re paying a visit to the UK for a holiday, you may want to spend your time among the hordes in London, jostling for a bargain at the shops on Oxford Street or being shepherded around the National Gallery before queuing up for a ticket to spend the evening at a West End show. However there is more to the country than busy trains and overcrowded shops. So if you want to relax and enjoy some quiet time while you’re staying in Great Britain, here are some perfect ways to do just that.


Country Retreats

With natural beauty in abundance, Britain is a great place to go for a stroll in the countryside. Head up north to the Lake District where you can walk in the footsteps of the poets who lived there long ago, and admire the striking grandeur of the scenery that inspired their words. Or down south take a bike ride through the Cotswolds, stopping off at the tranquil villages dotted across the rolling hills. Further to the west, Stonehenge is a famous sight popular with druids and day-trippers alike. While it draws the crowds, the mysterious ancient sculpture has a mesmerizingly eerie atmosphere that will make a dramatic change from the noise of the big city.

Spa Days

All over the UK you can find an array of country clubs and luxury hotels where you can not only stay and live in five-star accommodation, but where you can also visit simply to try the facilities, from stunning food to in-house spas. Enjoy a relaxing massage and a full treatment at a hotel spa like this one at Barnham Broom in Norfolk, and feel refreshed and renewed.


Learning Fun

With over a thousand years of history on your doorstep when you arrive in the UK, it would be crazy not to take advantage of it and immerse yourself in the past. There are castles and country houses all around the island which are open for visitors to explore and learn more about. Visit the National Trust website where you can search through some of the best of them and start planning your visit. You can take it easy and simply go at your own pace. All over the UK there are picturesque and peaceful spots which you can enjoy, so head off now and make the most of the magical island.