Exploration Cardiff


Wales is well known for the Valleys, huge cliffs, rugged coastline, green, rolling hills and of course, Tom Jones, but did you know that as far as tourism goes, it is a country that is certainly booming? New funding and regeneration has gone into the area over the last few years, and nowadays more people are heading to Wales than ever before.

Of course, the capital city attracts much of that attention, and rightly so. A bustling, busy, charming, and modern city, Cardiff has more than enough to keep all age groups occupied, and certainly enough to keep a retail therapy addict going for a few hours! Save time and hassle when flying to Cardiff by organising Cardiff airport parking.

There is too much to list in terms of things to see and do in Cardiff, so we’ll focus on just six for now, but having said all this, the best way to really explore this cosmopolitan city is to get your walking shoes on, wander, and see what you find. Don’t forget your camera!


Cardiff Bay

We mentioned earlier about regeneration, and this is the one part of the city that has received perhaps more than anywhere else. Nowadays, Cardiff Bay, situated in the south of the city, is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan affair, perfect for a coffee and a stroll. A great place to people watch and mill away a few hours.

Millennium Stadium

Okay, so anyone into sport is going to love this. The home of the Welsh national rugby team and the football team, if you can get tickets to see a game, you’ll really experience Welsh pride at its best. If you can’t get tickets then you’ll have to settle for a tour, but it’s a great way to spend a few hours.


Cardiff Castle

Wales is of course full of history, and Cardiff Castle showcases that perfectly. This medieval castle was built back in the 11th century by Norman invaders, so you can’t really get much older! Anyone who loves history and architecture will be in their element, and the views are pretty cool too.

Bute Park

Now, this is where Cardiff Castle used to be, but nowadays these 130 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens are the perfect place to chill the hell out. Take a stroll, breath in some fresh air, this is all very rare in the middle of a city! This is the perfect place for a few selfies and a bit of a picnic. I believe ‘peaceful’ is the word.


New Theatre

Do you love shows and comedy? Well this is where you’ll find the best, and the big named stars. The New Theatre is pretty old, as it celebrated its centenary back in 2006, so you can imagine the décor and inside of the place is pretty special too. Situated right in the city centre, this is an ideal evening’s entertainment choice, perhaps with a few drinks afterwards.

Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David

This city centre Roman Catholic Church, built back in 1842, is the perfect way to spend a few hours, especially for anyone who is well into architecture. The building is simply beautiful.

This is just the tip of the Welsh iceberg for everything to see and do in Cardiff. It all depends on your preferences, but if you want a true city experience, such as shopping, sport, history, entertainment, architecture, and a downright good time, it’s the perfect choice. Thanks to airport parking with ParkBCP you can spend less time dealing with airport parking and more time enjoying Cardiff and all this great city has to offer.