Essential Checklist Before Moving Overseas


You’ve decided to move countries? Well done, you’re just about to embark on one of the best adventures of your life. With a little planning you can ensure the entire transition goes so much more smoothly. Simple things often get overlooked in the chaos of rearranging your entire life, so don’t skip this list and save yourself the drama of forgetting something important.


1. Sort Out Your Healthcare

Depending on where you’re coming from and where you’re headed, you’ll need to arrange healthcare. This is essential. Some companies provide health coverage, but others do not. In addition, certain countries have agreements with each other. For example, New Zealand and Australia allow citizens of each country to receive public hospital health care as needed. If you’re from the UK and you’re moving to somewhere else in Europe, many of the countries are covered if you have the EHIC card – but remember it’s not valid if the card has expired or is lost. European Health Insurance Card Renewal is easy to do online, so get it done well before you move!

2. Get Your Mail Redirected

If you know where you’re going to be living indefinitely, then consider getting your mail redirected there. If your life is still a bit uncertain, then perhaps it’s a good idea to get your mail redirected to your parents, close friends or family members or even a mail handling company to ensure that the new person living in your home isn’t bombarded by your bills.


3. Decide How You’ll Manage Money

If you’re just moving for a short time, like an internship, then you may be able to survive by just using ATM cards and credit cards. However if you’re planning to live there on a more permanent basis, then you might find that the fees are overwhelming. You can do research to see if there are any banks that provide free international transactions, or better yet you can apply for an account in your new destination country. Sometimes you can do that before you even arrive, which will make the entire transition much easier – look into it before you leave.

4. Learn Some of the Local Lingo

If you’re moving overseas and looking at a language barrier, then I suggest learning some of the language before you go. Simple things like being able to order food and ask directions will make your life so much easier and carefree from the beginning. Use smartphone Apps such as Duolingo and websites like to connect with teachers to accelerate your language skills before you’ve even set off.

Moving overseas is one of lives greatest adventures, but it can make any of us feel a little anxious with all the unknowns. Using these tips you can ensure your move is as smooth as possible.