3 common weight loss myths


When it comes to losing weight, it’s important that you don’t always believe the hype. Your health is important, and if you’re keen to slim down, it’s crucial that you go about it in a sensible way. So, to make sure you’re not falling for the wrong advice, here are three common weight loss myths debunked.


1. The pill will make you gain weight

The combined pill is a popular contraceptive choice for many women. Despite it being a reliable and convenient way to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy, it’s widely assumed that this method of birth control can make you gain weight. In fact, this is not true. Earlier versions of the pill contained a significantly higher level of oestrogen, which was thought to increase appetite and fluid retention. In turn, this could trigger weight gain. However, the combined pill that’s available today contains much less oestrogen, and there is little evidence to suggest it will make you put on weight. If you need further information, you can learn more about the contraceptive pill online or by speaking to your GP.


2. Skipping meals can help shift unwanted pounds

When it comes to trimming down, skipping meals is not a good idea. Avoiding eating means you’ll be missing out on essential nutrients, and it’s likely you’ll feel extremely tired and lethargic. Depriving yourself of meals will also mean that you’re much more likely to crave unhealthy snacks, which in turn could mean you end up piling on the pounds instead of shifting them. So, to lose weight in a sensible and effective way, it’s important that you stick to a healthy, balanced diet, making sure that you have regular meals throughout the day. By keeping your body nourished, as well as exercising regularly, you should find you’re able to shift those unwanted pounds.


3. ‘Reduced fat’ foods are the healthier option

If you’re making a conscious effort to lose weight, you might be tempted to purchase foods that are labelled as being ‘low’ or ‘reduced’ fat. As appealing as they might seem, it’s important to realise that while these foods may contain less fat than regular versions, they’re not always necessarily the healthier option. Reduced fat foods tend to contain a higher level of sugar, which is a big no-no for your figure if you’re keen to slim down. Instead, it’s important to look at the nutritional information provided on the packaging to make sure you’re picking out the right foods.
By doing your own research or speaking to your doctor, you’ll find it much easier to recognise fact from fiction when it comes to getting your weight under control.