Canada: Best Places to See in Canada


Canada is a huge country, which is diverse both in terms of its people as well as in its landscapes. Here you can find almost everything, from beaches to snowcapped mountains, beautiful areas for hiking and a number of great international cities. There’s lots of reasons that Canada is a great destination for your next holiday, and the truth is no matter what time of year you visit, you will be spoiled with great activities to do. Before you head out to Canada, be sure to find a cheap flight to Canada so you can save extra money for activities while you’re there.

Niagara Falls
Even if you have seen them from the US side, why not try a different perspective? Niagara Falls is one of the most impressive natural attractions in the world and makes for some pretty amazing photos. Consider doing a short cruise to get a really special perspective of the falls!

Old Quebec
Walking around old Quebec you could become confused and feel you are walking around the streets of Paris. Here you’ll find all of Europe’s charm blended perfectly with the politeness and friendliness that Canadians are world famous for. There’s a bunch of beautiful murals scattered around, so be sure to bring your camera or smartphone so you can get a bunch of lovely photos. It’s definitely the best old town in all of Canada – at least in my opinion, so worth a visit if you can make it.

Notre-Dame Basilica
This is an absolutely stunning church that you can’t leave off your Canadian itinerary, but you must remember to go inside. There’s a guided tour that runs hourly that is definitely worth taking and make sure you see the light show named Aura, where the beauty of this old church is mixed seamlessly with technology to make something really special for travellers of all ages and all religions.

Toronto Islands
Take a ferry over to the Toronto Islands perhaps the best view of the city so that you can get a lot of great photos. This is a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. If you can, stay for sunset so you can watch how beautifully the sun sets on a clear day. You can either walk around or hire a bike to cycle around and cover a bit more ground!
Canada has so much to offer, check out at least a few of these special destinations on your next trip and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this stunning country.