Best Beaches Around the World


I’m dreaming of beaches; I’m so overdue for a white sand holiday that I’m literally dreaming of beaches. If you’re like me, your idea of a real holiday includes shimmery sand beaches, a nice drink in hand and a warm climate so you can fully enjoy the sea. The truth is, this planet is dotted with numerous gorgeous beaches, so many that it can be hard to figure out where you should go. I decided to make a list of the best beaches around the world to inspire you for your next trip! Let’s get started with the best beaches around the world:

1. The Maldives
There’s a reason why the Maldives are such a popular honeymoon destination, here you’ll find a perfect mix of outrageously gorgeous beaches as well as a hint of isolation. Of course it depends on where you stay as the Maldives are actually made up of atolls and there’s a string of 26 atolls. The water is clear, the weather is sunny and it is literally my idea of paradise. It’s also romantic, can you think of anything more romantic than a relaxing holiday in Maldives? Not sure I can!

2. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
I love Thai food, it’s no secret. It’s definitely my favourite cuisine in the world. So I’m especially grateful that Thailand is home to so many gorgeous beaches and islands. I’ve visited a few, but my favourite so far is Koh Phi Phi island. It’s a lot smaller than neighbouring islands, but it has enough on the island to keep you easily entertained for a week or two. There’s a bunch of great areas for diving and snorkelling, as well as dreamy beaches that were made famous by the movie The Beach. The water is so clear you can see the fishes swimming below. The best part about visiting a beach in Thailand? The $5 per hour massages.

3. Cancun, Mexico
Mexico is becoming a bit of an up and coming destination at the moment, with Mexico City getting a lot of attention for the art, culture and food. The great thing about visiting Mexico for the beaches is that you could easily fly to Mexico City and check it out too. The beaches around Cancun and Tulum are like that out of a postcard: super white sand, super blue skies and a beautiful inviting ocean that’s not going to make you freeze. Margaritas are plentiful and Mexican food is delicious, so you’ll be content while you lounge around by the pool and beach all day. Take a good book and book longer than you think you’ll need because Mexico is an unforgettable destination!

These are my top three beaches, I hope you can make time to visit at least one of them.