Why People are Flocking to Brighton


Who doesn’t want to live by the seaside? Personally I find it so relaxing to go to the beach whenever life is becoming stressful. I love watching the waves crash into the shore line. It’s also an excellent place to pass the summer months with your friends and family. There’s two large universities here, an excellent nightlife and a whole host of great cafes including numerous that are offering ample gluten free options.

If you’re a business owner, you may struggle a little to get mail delivered to your clients in Brighton, the rest of the UK and overseas. One thing you can do to minimise the hassle is to invest in an address verification tool to ensure that the addresses your clients are inputting are correct and complete. This will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Still curious as to why people are flocking to Brighton? Well in a recent survey it was shown that people from Brighton are the most proud in all of Britain of where they live, bursting with #PostcodePride.

Here are some of my reasons that Brighton is such a great place to visit:

1. It’s Eccentric
Anything goes in Brighton and you may find people dressing with a little more flare than elsewhere in the UK. People here don tattoos, piercings, and outfits that may surprise you. But it’s really cool: it’s nice to see a place where there’s so little discrimination against what you’re wearing and there’s a lot of freedom to express yourself.

2. Great Cafes
There’s a huge cafe movement in Brighton which is great because I love to start my day with a strong cup of coffee. Many of the cafes cater to different needs such as gluten intolerance, vegans, and there’s a huge range of milks usually on offer for those of you who are avoiding drinking dairy products. The food is excellent and you’ll find yourself spoiled for options.
3. University Town Feel
There’s a lot of youth here, which makes it feel really alive and vibrant. For many of Brighton’s students, once their university days are over, there’s a strong desire to stay living in Brighton because the lifestyle here is just so great. Because there’s so many students who flock here, there’s always something on at night, no matter the day, ensuring it’s a great place to party as well.

No matter whether you’re planning a move to Brighton or just hunting for your next holiday destination, it will offer you an incredible experience and probably have you hoping you can stay forever!