5 Tips for Visiting Disney World


Most kids around the world dream of going to Disney World or Disney Land. Growing up in Australia, unfortunately that kind of trip was way outside of my family’s budget. Thankfully as an adult I’ve been able to visit a variety of cool theme parks around the world, including Disney World. I visited their park in Florida and while I had a great visit, I did a few things that really made things easier, and made a few mistakes, so wanted to share my top 5 tips for visiting Disney World with you guys here! And of course, before you head to Disney don’t forget to buy your Disney tickets early to ensure you don’t miss out.

1. Take a Fanny Pack
They look stupid, I know, but you can keep lots of things in there securely including sunscreen and your phone. It’s much more comfortable than a bulky backpack or a handbag which is going to drag on one of your shoulders all day long. The good thing about taking a fanny pack is simply the size, it’s not too big so you will only keep your essentials inside.

2. Go Later in the Day
Most people try to head to the parks as early as possible, in order to beat the crowds, but often you’re just a part of the crowds. For example, Magic Kingdom Park in Florida is open until 10pm! Head in around 5pm and you’ll be watching people clear out the doors and the lines for the rides will just keep shortening. Perfect!

3. Take Some Bandaids
Chances are, you may end up with blisters from walking around the park so much. The bandaids there are really expensive, like over $5 a box, so I would suggest picking up some cheaper Bandaids from Walmart or your local pharmacy to save some money. Keep a few in your fanny pack and thank me later when your feet are throbbing and you feel the relief of a Bandaid covering your blister!

4. Keep Hydrated
Chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time in the sun, walking around and you might not notice how dehydrated you really are. Sometimes I like to buy rehydration salts from pharmacies to take with me when I visit theme parks or hot destinations. That way all I need is a bottle of water and I can make a really hydrating drink for a low cost. These little packets of hydration salts will fit easily in your fanny park too!

5. Take Lots of Pictures
Visiting Disney World is such a fun experience, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Characters walk around the park, so when you spot some of your favourites, don’t hesitate to go up and ask for a photo. No matter whether you are young at heart or young, it’s pretty fun to see your favourite Disney Characters come to life and it makes for some really cool family photos!

Have fun at the most magical place on earth.