5 Reasons Why Campervan Holidays Are the Best


So you’re thinking of setting out on a caravan holiday? Great! You’re one step closer to being out there already! But before you decide, let me try to explain why they can be so enjoyable…

5- Cost

No matter where you plan to go, you’ll be able to find a campervan hire site or business that’ll accommodate your budget and offer you a range of affordable and suitable options. If you can’t track down the perfect caravan for you, price comparison sites such as Compare and Choose are perfect alternatives, since you don’t have to do any of the searching yourself – and when you’re planning a holiday, the less work it takes, the better!


4- Flexibility

When you check into a hotel, you’re there for however long you paid for – even if you go on a nature walk or take a trip to another part of the city, you’re still trudging back to the hotel every night to rest. With caravans, you can just take them with you – if you want to spend some time near a lake or get closer to the coast, you can! Plus, if you chose to use a caravan hire service rather than buying one, you don’t even have to store them afterwards, and there’s no commitment to worrying about having to clean it or take it back home afterwards.

3- Convenience

One of the inherent bonuses to having a caravan with you is the extra space and what it’s filled with – unlike camping, you can carry around a cooker, some beds, a toilet, storage, and whatever else is installed in it, all available at almost any time you need them. Plus, you’ve got a permanent, mobile shelter should the weather turn bad, and you can cook warm food even if it’s a blizzard outside.

2- Atmosphere

Caravans have their own unique atmosphere that isn’t really present in anything else – it’s like being inside a car during a heavy rainstorm, except you’re actually in a small room. You’ve got more space than a tent, but you’re still able to set up out in the wilderness and enjoy the surroundings with none of the drawbacks of tent life. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have some proper seating and tables, either, especially if you’re planning to spend most of your evenings in the caravan itself rather than outside.

1- Simplicity

Setting up a caravan is the easiest part of your journey, and lets you get right into the holiday to have a good, stress-free time! All you’ll need to do is park it up start unpacking, and you’re ready to go! Easier than a tent, more mobile than a hotel, and available almost anywhere from tons of caravan hire sites!