Backpacking Tips for Your Southwest Desert Adventure


The American southwest is a challenge for backpackers worldwide, coming to test their strengths and experience the desert first hand. After all, backpacking is just a kind of entertainment, and some people enjoy it just as much as others do passing their days on the best casino games with NetBet.

While preferences may differ, what remains the same is that no matter which hobby you choose to practice, you will inevitably need to make the proper preparations. Namely, online casino players set up their bankrolls and choose the games they are best at before going online. In the same line of thought, backpackers willing to take up the American southwest desert should also go through some basic guidelines before the actual trip. Read on to learn more about the best way to hit the road.


Tip #1: Seasonal Changes

Bear in mind that there are seasonal changes in the American southwest that dictate the predominant weather conditions. It is less recommendable to visit the desert during the winter or summer months due to the extremely low or high temperatures, accordingly, making it difficult to move freely across the territory.

On the other hand, spring and fall are much more ideal options due to the moderate climate conditions. An added plus is the fact that it is much less crowded than during the other season pair, when everyone is eager to go on a vacation trip.

Tip #2: Trail Options

The US southwest has several national parks you can choose from when embarking on your backpack hiking trip. While most travelers aim for the best views and highest achievements, it is also important to keep things real and choose your trails based on your individual capacities. Most of them have already been measured in length and elevation, so you should get easy access to all the information you need.

Tip #3: Pack Light at All Times

The basic concept of backpacking implies that you will be carrying your belongings on your back, so you should make sure that you can handle the weight. Taking outside factors into further consideration, as well as your personal durability, it is best to keep your cargo below 1/3 of your body weight. Nonetheless, always spare space for must-have items like map, jacket or sunscreen, and cut back on the optional ones, like a book for instance.

Tip #4: Stack up on Water Supply

Although it is normally understood, there is still a need to emphasize the importance of keeping hydrated throughout your entire backpacking adventure. In order to ensure this, be sure to calculate as precisely as possible, the amount of water you would need on a daily basis and pack accordingly.

Best transport options for your water supplies are the transportable reservoirs, keeping it cool, fresh and within reach at all times. Ultimately, stack up on water purification tablets or choose your preferred type of water filtering system for unplanned circumstances. It’s better to have them than to need them.