Top Fashion Tips for Guys


Do you really want to dress better, but seem to find that most style advice is revolving around following current trends to the letter?

Do you want to make a better first impression when you meet people every day, and look great in your clothes without also looking too flashy?

Do you still want to look like yourself, just a better-dressed version of yourself?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here are some top fashion tips for guys:


Look Mature

Here’s the problem with a lot of guys who suddenly embrace fashion trends: They’re aiming to look young. However, if you really want to look like a well-dressed guy, you should instead be aiming to look mature. Maturity is a very attractive quality when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, so remember that the last thing you want to do is to dress like a teenager.

Focus on Fit

One of the biggest improvements you can make when it comes to your personal style, is to ensure that everything you wear fits you impeccably. Many guys are walking around wearing clothes that are way too big, and while skinny jeans are on the way out, you can have a fitted look without looking like a hipster.

Keep it Simple

Once you begin following fashion trends, it can be tempting to overdo it. Remember: Never wear more than three colours or three different pieces of jewellery. A great outfit is a black dress shirt, black or white blazer, dark jeans, nice belt and sharp dress shoes, and you can add a flashy watch or a different piece of jewellery but that’s it.


Invest in Shoes

For women, one of the first things that they’ll notice is your shoes. Invest in a really nice pair of shoes, and keep them in excellent condition. You’ll need a pair of dress shoes, but should also grab a nice pair of desert shoes, which will allow you to be active while still looking great and feeling comfortable.

Ditch the Graphic Tees

This goes hand in hand with tip number one. They don’t make you look original, edgy, or funny, since every other guy will also be sporting graphic tees as well and you actually end up blending into the crowd. The last thing you want to do is be associated with the types of guys that never grow up (Peter Pan syndrome anyone?) So avoid the man-child look, and avoid anything that has a graphic picture on it (especially any logos- you’re not a walking billboard), and instead wear striped or solid tees, which look sharp and are easy to combine.

Choose the right jeans

Most guys choose jeans as their go-to for casual wear, and there’s nothing wrong with this choice at all. The problem is when they’re too baggy and you’re pulling them up constantly. Your jeans should be able to stay up without the use of a belt. Avoid any embellishments like bleaching, ripping or distressing as well. Keep your jeans nice and simple, follow the above tips, and you’ll be looking great.