Top 4 Train Journeys in the UK


The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most stunning holiday destinations and scenic train excursions. While most airports look alike, train stations on the other hand have a lot of character. For example, the St. Pancras Railway Station in London features Victorian Gothic Architecture. Thus, trains are as much about the journey as the destination itself. Which is why, no one should miss the opportunity to slow travel across the UK in trains.

Here’s our pick of the top 4 train journeys across the UK:

Glasgow to Mallaig

The journey from Glasgow to Mallaig in Scotland ranks high on ‘most scenic rail routes’ lists across the world. The West Highland railway line that links the two Scottish cities was featured in the Harry Potter films. During the 5-hour ride, you’ll pass over the legendary Glenfinnan Viaduct trail. On your way to Mallaig, you’ll also get to see Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, as well as the stunning Loch Shiel & Loch Eilt. Choose one of the three Scotland BritRail passes that International Rail offers to travel around the Land of Lakes freely.


London to Edinburgh

The 9-hour rail ride from England’s capital London to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is a journey worth taking.  Besides being economical, it also offers breathtaking views. The train passes through open fields, rivers, forests, and bridges with views of the British coastline, Emirates Stadium, and the Alexandra Palace. For a seamless journey, buy the Britrail Consecutive or Flexi pass and enjoy unlimited train travel across England, Scotland and Wales.

Edinburgh Waverley to Fife

A train journey from Waverley to Fife will take you across the Firth of Forth Bridge, a dynamic steel structure and a symbol of modern Scotland. This short journey of 1 hour and 15 minutes is packed with views of Scotland’s charming countryside dotted with castles and cathedrals.

Cornwall to Oxford

Cornwall is famous for its ancient history, lush gardens and striking scenery. Oxford is known for its antique architecture, museums, old-world cafes, and bookshops. Picturesque visual treats are waiting for you at every mile of this journey. Since rail travel is expensive in the UK, smart travelers with a tight budget should buy the BritRail South-West Flexi or Consecutive Pass. You get unlimited travel access to the entire south-west stretch of Great Britain and young adults under 26 also get discounted rates.