Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Family Vacation Memories


It is apparent that technology has begun to exceed our expectation when it comes to the delegation of menial tasks. A new invention is created every day that helps ease the burden and stress of our everyday lives. Alternatively, there are also inventions created every day to ease the stress of vacation. When you embark on a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is how to share your memories or keep track of them once the vacation is over. Life would be easier without having to manually upload pictures, share them, and discuss them. Luckily, there are many ways to optimize your website so you can spend more time creating memories and less time worrying about sharing those memories.


Easy Sharing Options

There are various applications you can use in order to curate a memory book. However, some have advantages over others. Instead of utilizing Facebook or Twitter, you can spend your time creating memories instead of thumbing through the latest pop news article. In our experience, the best applications to ease the burden of editing and sharing photos (available for iPhone and Android) is Instagram.

Instagram encourages seamless linking between your web site and your mobile device. In fact, Instagram wants you to share your memories on as many platforms as possible. When you finish touching up your photo, simply upload to Instagram, and click the option to upload to your personal website. The photo will appear exactly as you uploaded it. The only downside to using this application is the inability to delete the frame surrounding the picture. When you upload a photo to Instagram, the Instagram watermark is automatically placed around your photo along with your username.

Invest in Drupal Hosting

A new form of website has begun to take the travel industry by storm. Many people have not heard of this option however, it is the best option when creating a website that is mainly composed of content. The Drupal community is open source, meaning it has been created by people all over the Internet with many variations in performance. There are several key things to understand about drupal hosting.

  • There are many distributions (types) to choose from
  • It is primarily used for content management
  • Many large organizations use Drupal
  • There are versions which require extended maintenance or none at all

Don’t let words like content or maintenance move you in a different direction. Although this type of hosting can be quite complicated, the opposite is possible too. There are many companies that will help you understand how to optimize your website for your needs. Among these companies, many have specific specialties like photography, travel, and e-commerce.


Why Consider Drupal?

Drupal was created with the goal of offering an easy-to-use content management system for the average person to share content with the world. Alternatively, it is powerful enough for worldwide organizations like Amnesty International and NBC to utilize as their framework. Therefore, if you want a reliable system that was created for content management, creation, curation, and sharing, it is perfect for you. Lastly, the framework is free! It would cost you $0 to try out.

Your Favorite Applications and Websites Use Drupal

Oftentimes, the type of hosting someone utilizes will be based on proven results. There are many examples of Drupal on the website, from news outlets like the Economist to (which utilizes a variety of Drupal applications to create the visuals on the website).

The beauty in Drupal is its versatility. Whether you want a website that will track your whereabouts for your family back home, or you want an all-encompassing website that will hold your pictures, blog posts, and your itinerary. Drupal has the power to create a smooth and visually appealing website that will accomplish anything you wish.

And the Verdict is…

The best way to optimize your family vacation will be whatever makes your life easiest. If you wish to create an easy-to-use and beautiful website, we recommend utilizing a type of Drupal server to bring your ideas to fruition. If you simply want an area to post your photos for loved ones, utilize an application like Instagram or vscocam. These applications offer seamless integration, and Drupal hosting gives will give you any ability you wish for. The option you choose should depend on how much you wish to work however, both options will work with any smartphone device so you can enjoy the vacation, because that is what really matters!