Why you should travel the world in a campervan


When I was 20 I used to work at a car and campervan hire company. I was always envious of the people who were picking up their campervans, throwing their bags in the bag, and hitting the open road.

I loved doing van tours, and enjoyed showing off all the “secret” compartments and storage spaces. I was always impressed by how much could fit into a hi-top, and had a lot of fun with the larger vans as well. I also enjoyed showing them how to convert the seats into a campervan bed.

If you’ve been wanting to travel the world for some time, traveling in a campervan is an excellent option. You can easily spend months researching destinations and itineraries, and a van represents freedom- you’ve got both your transportation and accommodation sorted, so you can go wherever you choose.


This freedom is one of the biggest reasons why so many people choose to buy and lease campervans for their trips. If you turn up to a tourist spot that’s full of people, you can easily take off and find somewhere more secluded. And unlike people who are stuck on bus tours, you can pull over wherever you like to have lunch with a view or take photos of different spots.

And if you think travelling the world in a campervan is lonely, think again. You’ll meet people from all walks of life at different camp sites, and many of them will be travelling the world in their vans as well. You’ll find great camping grounds around the world, allowing you to wash your clothes, charge the van (if you need to), and get talking with some of the other travellers.

My dream is to take a campervan from Cairo, all the way to Capetown. I think that travelling from Egypt to South Africa has to be one of the best trips in the world, and I would love stopping in the different cities and towns along the way.

I’ve also always dreamed of hiring a campervan and taking it around New Zealand. The country is relatively small but has tons to offer, which makes it perfect for a road trip- you won’t be driving for hours and hours without stopping. Movies like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings has made the scenery world famous, and it’s much better to drive between destinations to enjoy the scenery than fly and miss out.

Europe is also an excellent destination for campervan travel. Transportation and accommodation quickly add up when you’re travelling, and a van will allow you to see those smaller villages you often miss out on when just seeing the highlights of Europe. If you have friends or family who want to travel with you, the costs will be even lower.