How to get more out of your next minibreak in the UK


Going abroad in the summer can be difficult to arrange. Flights can be unpredictable; airports are prone to all sorts of sudden and unexpected flight delays and cancellations that can really ruin time that should be precious, time that should be spent having fulfilling or rewarding experiences. Furthermore, the prices of flights can be equally problematic, and that isn’t even to mention the impotence of the sterling abroad. Though here in Britain, we are predisposed to self-deprecation, and local holiday destinations are more often than not a punch-line rather than a destination, the United Kingdom really has lots of great options for getaways mini-breaks, and even full on holidays. All over the United Kingdom there are so many great sights to see and experiences to have, at both popular destinations and some a little more undiscovered.


A Different Kind of Host

The normality and standardisation of hotels can sometimes diminish that feeling of adventure and embracing the unknown that should be inherent to any kind of holiday, even ones closer to home. There are so many different options for accommodation all over the country, but a different way to find somewhere to stay is by choosing from the incredible range of accommodation listed on websites such as Toprooms, somewhere where holidaymakers can save a lot of money, but also discover a unique holiday experience. Meeting and staying with local people can solidify the connection between the visitor and the locale and can really make a great holiday something special.

Discovering Cities

Big to small, cities all over the UK have plenty of stuff to do and are always welcoming of visitors. The choices are surprisingly vast, and everywhere has something that will appeal to someone. Rough Guides has a great list of some of the perhaps less mainstream city destinations, highlighting the great variety all across the UK. Vogue also has some great ideas when it comes to picking somewhere less obvious for a visit.

Exploring Forests

The United Kingdom is famous for its greenery and has some genuinely beautiful forests with picturesque walks and stunning rustic views. Forests are fantastic family friendly days out and excursions, with all variety of activities to be undertaken. Appreciation of nature is a wholesome activity for people of all ages, and there are all sorts of forests and other natural parks that can be holiday

Embracing Markets

A culture of studied buying, bartering, and selling is something that is inherently British and is historically has been of great importance to the status of the UK even as it is today. Visiting local markets and traders, casual and professional, can be a fantastic way to return to the roots of what truly makes the UK so great, and of course can be a great choice for finding those special deals. The Guardian has provided a great list here, with a great variety of potential destinations.