Why visit one destination, when you can visit two?


Some call it being greedy, some call it grabbing life and running with it, but I believe that if you have the opportunity to see more of the world, then you should take it. A good way to do that without grabbing a bag and heading off for months backpacking, is to take a twin centre holiday. This is the ideal way to see more, with a bit of a safety blanket in terms of an organised holiday. For those not into the other side of traveling, e.g. finding your way around on your own, this is a fantastic option.


Despite the perks, a twin centre holiday is tiring; I know this because I did it recently when I visited Orlando and Las Vegas, and I felt like I needed another holiday when I returned in order to recover! Because of that, I decided that if I did another twin centre break, which I would certainly do, then I would look at staying in an airport hotel prior to my flight, so I could relax and stock up on sleep before my departure. This makes such a huge difference, so it’s definitely something you should check out. Most large UK airports offer a range of hotels, including many Gatwick Airport hotels for the countless flights you will find from there. Combine this with parking, through Airparks for example, and you’re onto a winner – keeping money in your pocket and having a more rested start to your break.

When you begin to organise your twin centre holiday you have a couple of options, namely you can either organise it yourself in a DIY fashion, or you can ask a travel agency to organise your own bespoke break. I have done both options, and for the first timer I would probably say go to a travel agent, because they can easily find you cheap flights, even indirect in some cases, and you don’t have to worry about co-ordinating everything. Once you’re a bit more au-fait with it then you can go down the DIY route.


A very popular twin centre break destination is of course the USA, and it’s easy to get around with domestic flights. You could do a few nights in New York, combining it with maybe Vegas or Orlando, or even LA. You could head inland and check out the national parks, and then finish off your break in the capital, Washington, maybe. It’s really a case of personal choice, and that’s what is so great about twin centre holidays, because you can tailor-make it to what you want to see and do.

If you prefer nature, Kenya is a popular destination, with a few days on safari, followed by a week or so on the beach. The options really are endless because provided the travel distances between your destinations aren’t too great, you can combine most places together quite easily.

Why visit one destination, when you can visit two? I say go for it!