Innovations that could Completely change Travel


When we look at the travel of the future, we have plenty to wonder about. New innovations and inventions are constantly appearing on the market, and there are plenty which could completely change the travel experience, and how we travel.

Here are some ways travel might change in the future according to Into the Blue:


Solar Powered Planes

The first round-the-world flight using only solar power is currently being attempted, and due to finish in July or August this year. If they succeed, this will be the first step toward removing fossil fuel from air-travel, meaning lower emissions, lower operational costs, and a much greener travel experience.

The Sky Whale would be an even greener experience, as it could hold 755 people, self-repair its own wings, ad take off vertically. It also wouldn’t need to stop to refuel becuse of the solar concepts on the wings and double fuselage.

Airbus is also working with New Aircraft Concepts Research to produce an aircraft concept which would completely overhaul the design of more eco-friendly options. The model would be using drop-in fuel, which is similar to kerosene and enables lower energy consumption.

Armrest Devisions

The Soarigami is a device which can be bought and brought onto the plane, doubling the size of the armrest between two seats. The simple structure is made of plstic and neoprene, and both extends the width of the middle arm rest, while dividing it. At just $30, it could make flying a more comfortable experience for all.


Interactive Screens

It has been predicted that interactive screens could replace cabin walls, and maybe even windows. There are a large amount of surfaces in the aircraft which could be used as smart surfaces, providing entertainment and interaction, or maybe even charging phones.

A French design company recently released a Windowsless Jet Concept which they called IXION, which is great news for claustrophobics. The design would include floor to ceiling views of the space outside the plane, and the design is not only cool, but it also makes the plane lighter-leading to greater fuel efficiency.

Convertible Seating

The Butterfly seat looks to revolutionise flying, and may one day be a part of commercial flying. It would allow flight attendants to change the seats from business to economy and back again, bringing flexibility to the airlines and saving money. Convertible seatings would mean less business class seats wasted, but it would likely be the final nail in the coffin for complimentary upgrades.

Ipads instead of Seatback TVs

Some airlines have already begun handing out devices for use in-flight instead of installing costly and bulky screens on the back of seats. Hawaiian Airlines has been offering iPad minis for a while now, and other airlines may also encourage passengers to bring their own iProducts on board.

Passengers could then access the airlines entertainment and watch movies and TV, play games, and listen to music.

Because the airlines won’t need to pay for costly TV monitors, they may even begin providing free wifi for passengers.